Tuesday, June 2, 2009

The Auction

We often used to ignore the Roadside vendors who try to sell foodstuffs and other items. Many times we just ignore these vendors. And many times we bargain for the price resulting in the much lower profit for them.
Few months back while I was on my way from Bangalore to Mysore, I met with one such vendor who brought about the interest among the purchasers. He was selling clothes. He had a companion to help him with the auction.
This salesman came inside the bus and started an auction. This attracted many of the passengers. He began to demonstrate the quality of the product and started the auction for the clothes from the suitcase which he had. The auctions went on for about 30 minutes are so. He also awarded those who took part in the auction with some petty gifts such as purse. Few people got interested in that auction and started to put forth their price. If he felt that the price wasn’t suitable for the product, give to the candidate who won. And He got down of the bus when he felt that the people lost interest in the auction.

He was able to sell cloths for more than 1000 Rs (total) which would have been a hard time to sell it on the platform. I was quite impressed with such a way of selling. While many of us try to do it in the usual way in which everyone does, this person was a little different by starting the auction.