Tuesday, July 28, 2009

The change A Concert Can Bring!!

The change A Concert Can Bring!!

With the recently passed economic Slowdown, my brother thought about bringing a hope for the Hopeless by organising a Concert. So he called Bob Fitts, a Singer and guitarist from US. The initiative was taken by HCL (Honouring Christ the Lord). He called the musicians from NLAG (I suppose) and it was successfully conducted on 29th June 2009 at Music Academy, Chennai. Unfortunately I wasn’t able to attend this concert as i had my extended training's semester like comprehensive test in Infosys Hyderabad. Like all other concerts, they took video from three camera.

To The Community!!

                With the topic of Restore 2009, the concert restored the hope among many corporate individuals. My brother encountered a lot of problems while organising for this concert including financial problems. But Our Lord and Saviour Jesus was able to meet all the needs. Thanks to the prayers. I believe the concert would have touched the hearts of many. If you have found some hope after attending this concert, please post the testimony as part of the comments.

To My computer!!

A few days after the concert my brother told me that he is planning to buy a new HDD as the previous 160 GB HDD was in no way useful. He decided to buy 1.5 TB HDD as the entire video from 3 camera and the 8 sources of audio alone took about 250 GB. The price of this 1.5 TB HDD was 7.5k. I still believe that even this 1.5 TB HDD will not meet the requirements for editing the video. And now to edit the audio he needs an Audio card. In my motherboard, Thankfully I had him purchased a 2GB RAM totalling to 4 GB RAM and a 8600 GTX 512 MB GPU last year. Otherwise, he would have bought that also. This up gradation costs nearly 15k.

 Last year I compiled a video of my college life from clips captured from mobile, digital cameras. I got a GPU, and 2GB ram from my friends to compile it. After many unsuccessful attempts, I was able to make a video of about 6 minutes with the size of 12.6 GB. It consumed another 30 GB for other intermediate edits. I had to allocate an entire drive for this purpose. For those who wish to see that not so good college video, click here.