Thursday, October 30, 2008

The recent meeting i attended - the best day.

In mid august, i attended a meeting or camp which was conducted by the Dr. Paul Dinakaran. The camp was very good. The camp accomodated more than 2000 persons. I am just gonna tell about how the organisation and the structure of such a camp. The camp tent was semicylinder and was made of cloth with metal bars to support it and had about four entrances. The tent did have air conditioning systems to cool the air inside. We sat a little front on the first day. And they switched on the lights near us i little late.
At first we heard a little sound. And then we saw few sparks from the florescent lamp. We were so close to it, that if there was a fire, then we would have been the first victim. The crowd inside was more than 1000 and everything was flameable in the tent. We informed about that short circuit and oops the preacher stopped the meeting and decided to end it. I was a bit shocked with that but later understood it is better to stop the meeting rather than to have a stampede. They did provide lunch on all days and there wasn't any delay in service or lack of food stuff. There wasn't any other incident. And one of the most interesting aspect i like to tell is that we had a cloudy sky for the three days and not much sun. If there had been a slight rain then meeting will be in a position of being stopped. But right about a hour after the we set out from the camp, it started to soup heavily and we reached home wet. God had stopped the rain.

Sunday, October 26, 2008


India ranks in the top for corruption.

Thats what everyone is saying. Yeah that is true. But have you thought who makes india in the top rank? Someone said: "well, personally i think its the politicians who are corrupt"

I don't make any comments on it. Many politicians are corrupt. But they aren't the only ones who are corrupt. The people are also corrupt. Corrupt in the sense that they give or accept bribe; take for granted others or public property for granted and moreover all are very much money minded persons. The issue that brought economic collapse in united state can also happen in india. Even we are moving toward economic collapse. The general mindset of a person is that, "all are like that: so why should i alone change?"
The movies which should be fighting corruption are rather making fun with corruption giving a general mindset among the public that being corrupt doesn't matter.
It all requires one daring party to take all action against corruption but it requires the entire country's support to fight it. Its not that easy. Because wherever they go they will face corruption. Right from common man to police who should fight corruption.
Tackling corruption is the hardest action a government can take. Some party will tend to quit the coalition and thereby dethrone the government.So a government have to plan each and every minute action and work accordingly.
The only way we can reduce corruption is for all citizens to take decision to change themselves first and then fight it.

I do believe its hard not to involve in corruption. For example, when we get passport, we might give money to the police for police verification or when we are caught for road rules violation like not wearing helmet, we always try to look for alternate solution. There are many such issues where we will try desperately for alternate solution.
Fighting corruption is not a single man's work. Its a team work. Just because you are good and not corrupt, doesn't mean you can go win the fight against corruption. There are times when people make you corrupt or conspire against you and try to prove that you are corrupt and at times they do succeed. Some others make lame threats. The corrupt will try desperately for alternate solutions and make sure that they are not offended. It always require the daring people to fight corruption.

Friday, October 24, 2008

The way People Argue!!!

In our life we come across situations where we face our arguments and often feel ashamed after that. Well today I am going to tell about the way people argue on a topic. I am gonna start with who will start to argue. Well. Any one can start an argument. If u were in a middle of a friendly relationship (a situation in which u aren’t close and each person’s behavior counts on the friendship), then some of such people won’t start a argument in order to avoid relationship breaking down. These kinds of people argue only if we try to attack their root belief where all their other beliefs stem in. The two other kind of people won’t even care of starting an argument. At times argument improves one’s relationship and also has been a reason of wrecking the relationships especially in family between husband and wife.

Argument begins when two party with opposition beliefs(or misunderstanding the statements) try to connive the other person’s (party’s) belief isn’t true. Some people try to put forth only the other person’s faulty issues in an argument. But that is not the case all the time. Some people will believe what they think is always true and argue until the other person accepts it. This usually happens in family matters and at the very latter stages can even lead to divorce. Some people who were brought up very liberal can argue this way also. Its something like being adamant.

When you are entering an argument, it can often lead to the end of relationship before the argument ends. There is always only one winner in the argument; But both the party involving in an argument are the losers(one way or the other). One type of people will throw insults upon insults when they win and abuse you when they loose. So when they abuse you soon after you made a statement means, they are accepting their defeat. Its better to ignore them at this point and get away(if possible) from them at the moment. Some people remain calm at their victory or defeat. Sometimes when we argue with higher authority or older people, they might tell us to shut up and that we are speaking too much. Not all of these cases are them accepting their defeat.

Some people try to prove their point by contradicting the others points. Thats not the right. If u want to prove what u said is right then bring some relevant proof for your point. And we cant have a law enacted on how to argue.

There are still a few people who dont enjoy the fun of arguing but stand aside and watch those who argue. They might enjoy the scene. Some others wait for the right oppurtunity to enter into the argument. While someothers never enter the argument nor will they enjoy seeing it. Its fun to argue if its in the right sense and not meant to discredit others. Its always better to avoid argument unless and until its necessary.

Thursday, October 16, 2008

supporting the tamils?

With the day to day progress of Srilanka's Army over the LTTE, Tamil Nadu government is taking steps to stop the aggression of the Sri Lankan Army. Recently, the Tamil nadu government led by DMK declared that there will be 10 MPs quitting from the party. And this comments was accepted by our own( TEC) Thangabalu of the congress.

Its the same LTTE that commited the brutal murder of the Rajiv Gandhi in Chennai. Its in the same ground that they say that india should intervene in the kiullings of Tamilians.

Are tamilians really killed? i cant say that tamilians are not getting killed right about 400 miles from the conflict zone. But as per the news we receive there isnt any intentional killings and the srilankans reduced their aggressiveness so that Tamils living in the conflict zone can get to Safety.

India is having a hard time fighting the current economic crisis and also the terrorist, but not the tamil Nadu goverment is threatening the center of toppling if the center doesnt intervene. If this continues then india will only have enemies at all sides and no friendly neighbours.

Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Best days Of My life.

Its been long since i posted here. So am planning to say some of the best days of my life. Though i cant cover all of it in a single post. SO this topic will have more than one Post(obvious) and take more time(even this is obvious.

When i was in first standard, i used to be very naughty(as everyone is). Well one day when we used to have good fun playing around, my class teacher(namely Rosy) came and told each of us to sing a song. Its not a request for some good singers to sing but its a command for everyone to sing (though she doesn't commands). When it came to my turn i sang the song "Sing hallelujah to the lord" A very old song. My teacher was very impressed with my voice. She also heard others singing. I could still remember that some of them never opened their mouth or the people say the so called sang to them self. And she said that she has selected me for the next round. God who knows about rounds at that time.

After a few days, the second round started and all the teachers were impressed in my singing and they awarding me the first prize. Wow. The only prize i won for singing. The same year, i won first place for running and lemon and spoon in My church. During Christmas, we were given a chance to bring the candles into the church. Wow. i was very terrified if i would drop the candles given to me. But when the singing part came, i sang the same song! But everyone started laughing. May be because i sang it in tamil which they thought funny or in fact i really sang funny. Well at the end of that year my dad got forced leave with a low allowance and we came back to Chennai.

Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Food and people

Food is important for all living things to survive. The food for humans vary from place to place. Many of us like to eat food only for the taste and to fill our hunger. Too much of anything is good for nothing. Thats the same with food also. It can kill at one point of time if we take more of the wrong kind esp those who have diabetes.

I previously had a foolish question. Why aren't we allowed to eat all types of food when we are sick(fever). I got the answer from the doctor that other food which isn't prescribed do not get digested during fever. Esp, milk food don't get digested that easily.

The way people eat their food varies from different places. There are different styles of eating. Some decent people eat food with their mouth closed(opening only to put food in mouth). Some will eat food and often chat with their friends or family. They might eat or chew food with half open mouth. Will still some others will gulp the food and chew everything without evening looking what it is. They even chew chilies and scream for water. Hey see what you eat. Separate chilly and other (only) spicy stuff before you eat.

And another important food habit change among different people is the style they use to eat food. For example, some people eat idly making it piece. Where as some people eat idly in the way they eat rice.

The way we have to eat food, varies from place to place. In china, when you to a guest's house, you have to leave some food on the plate. This will make them feel that you have filled your stomach. In england, you have to finish the plate. They will think that you enjoyed the food...

In olden days there was a popular belief that if you chew your food then you will live longer. There is no problem with such belief unless you have a hotel. The hotels began to get full soon and people didn't vacate the table early because they were chewing their food.

So when we eat food outside next time, lets see the surroundings and try to learn how to eat in the two minutes we get. Learning, is a eternal process.

Sunday, October 5, 2008


Any sound waves which has frequency lower than 20hz is called Infra sound. Its study is called Infrasonic. Humans can only hear the sound which are in the frequency 20hz to 20000hz. Infrasonic waves can carry over long distances and are less susceptible to disturbance or interference than higher frequencies. Many animals use infra sound to communicate with others. For example, the elephant uses the infra sound to communicate with other herds which could be even 100 miles apart. The legs of the elephants senses this sound.

The first official observation of infra sound was in 1883 when Krakatoa erupted most violently. it is believed that the sound was heard unto Perth in Australia and in Mauritius which is 3000 miles away from source. This volcanic eruption also emitted infrasonic waves which shattered windows hundreds of miles away from the volcano.

Many natural phenomena like earthquake, fire, volcano, flood emit infra sounds. Some earthquakes emit infra sound hours before the actual earthquake. That's why we can see the animals in zoo became impetuous in the recent earthquake. Actually infra sound are used to in seismography to predict and measure the earthquake. The interesting fact is that the earth surface acts as a medium through which infra sound travels.

Even though humans cant hear these sounds, we react to these sounds. These sounds produce a sensation of fear, awe, extreme emotional distress. It is found that in haunted houses and places, there is high infra sound production which creates that sense of fear. Vic Tandy did research in these haunted places and found these facts. The ghosts, the people see are the optical illusion produced by the resonance of eyes. The resonating frequency of eye is 18 Hz. Humans tend to become numb when exposed to high doses of infra sound.

Infra sound is used by whales to stun their prey. At some tonal angles, the prey gets blasted. During world war, It was used to identify the presence of the artillery.

A few links where you can get more details on infra sound

On Krakatoa

Friday, October 3, 2008

Is There a God???

Many people ask this question when they are very depressed or saddened by the loss of their dear ones or after seeing whats happening around the world. The reasons they give are at times the following
  • If there is a god, then why am i poor? Why did my brother die? why did my friend die? If there is a God then they wouldn't have died!
  • If there is a loving God then why is there so much disasters in this world? Why is there so much pain in this world?
  • Laws of natural Selection, Big Bang etc were proved by science and these claims that there is no god.
  • Some people think: If god is there then we can not do what we wish. I want to do what i wish. So God does not exist.
  • Have You seen God? Then How can You believe in god?
  • The whole thing about God is traditional i.e. uncivilised(olden days story) and does not work well in the Modern lifestyle
  • Why do People kill others in the name of God?
There are a lot of why and Who Questions which is hard to answer. For example, apart from the above questions, some questions like why should there be a Big Bang? Who created the natural laws?

When we look at the universe, we can see that it is very fine tuned in all aspects. There is no defect in the structure of the universe. Everything abides by a particular principle. Do you think this perfectly tuned universe was formed just by chance? It is believed that the probability to create such a perfect universe is 1:10pow36. There is no proof for life to form from non-life forms. The experiments can prove the formation of acids that exist in the nucleus of an cell but there is no proof for the life form being formed from Non-life.

All people are not saints. Some are made for profit. So claim to be saint. Some are really saints. The action of the former two will always be in the name of god, but it would not be in god's interest. I dont think anybody have seen their brain.

The Research so far cannot prove the own theories it has provided on the origin of species. What i can do is just create a lot of theory. But has not proved anything so far in the origin of species.