Friday, October 24, 2008

The way People Argue!!!

In our life we come across situations where we face our arguments and often feel ashamed after that. Well today I am going to tell about the way people argue on a topic. I am gonna start with who will start to argue. Well. Any one can start an argument. If u were in a middle of a friendly relationship (a situation in which u aren’t close and each person’s behavior counts on the friendship), then some of such people won’t start a argument in order to avoid relationship breaking down. These kinds of people argue only if we try to attack their root belief where all their other beliefs stem in. The two other kind of people won’t even care of starting an argument. At times argument improves one’s relationship and also has been a reason of wrecking the relationships especially in family between husband and wife.

Argument begins when two party with opposition beliefs(or misunderstanding the statements) try to connive the other person’s (party’s) belief isn’t true. Some people try to put forth only the other person’s faulty issues in an argument. But that is not the case all the time. Some people will believe what they think is always true and argue until the other person accepts it. This usually happens in family matters and at the very latter stages can even lead to divorce. Some people who were brought up very liberal can argue this way also. Its something like being adamant.

When you are entering an argument, it can often lead to the end of relationship before the argument ends. There is always only one winner in the argument; But both the party involving in an argument are the losers(one way or the other). One type of people will throw insults upon insults when they win and abuse you when they loose. So when they abuse you soon after you made a statement means, they are accepting their defeat. Its better to ignore them at this point and get away(if possible) from them at the moment. Some people remain calm at their victory or defeat. Sometimes when we argue with higher authority or older people, they might tell us to shut up and that we are speaking too much. Not all of these cases are them accepting their defeat.

Some people try to prove their point by contradicting the others points. Thats not the right. If u want to prove what u said is right then bring some relevant proof for your point. And we cant have a law enacted on how to argue.

There are still a few people who dont enjoy the fun of arguing but stand aside and watch those who argue. They might enjoy the scene. Some others wait for the right oppurtunity to enter into the argument. While someothers never enter the argument nor will they enjoy seeing it. Its fun to argue if its in the right sense and not meant to discredit others. Its always better to avoid argument unless and until its necessary.

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Bhargavi said...

ARGUMENT!! Oh wow.. remember the ones we had on a particular topic?! ;)
The result of argument depends on how the people involved in it take it.
The fun of arguing is boundless! :D
As long as we are able to keep our difference of opinion on a particular topic away from the rest, there should be no problem.