Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Best days Of My life.

Its been long since i posted here. So am planning to say some of the best days of my life. Though i cant cover all of it in a single post. SO this topic will have more than one Post(obvious) and take more time(even this is obvious.

When i was in first standard, i used to be very naughty(as everyone is). Well one day when we used to have good fun playing around, my class teacher(namely Rosy) came and told each of us to sing a song. Its not a request for some good singers to sing but its a command for everyone to sing (though she doesn't commands). When it came to my turn i sang the song "Sing hallelujah to the lord" A very old song. My teacher was very impressed with my voice. She also heard others singing. I could still remember that some of them never opened their mouth or the people say the so called sang to them self. And she said that she has selected me for the next round. God who knows about rounds at that time.

After a few days, the second round started and all the teachers were impressed in my singing and they awarding me the first prize. Wow. The only prize i won for singing. The same year, i won first place for running and lemon and spoon in My church. During Christmas, we were given a chance to bring the candles into the church. Wow. i was very terrified if i would drop the candles given to me. But when the singing part came, i sang the same song! But everyone started laughing. May be because i sang it in tamil which they thought funny or in fact i really sang funny. Well at the end of that year my dad got forced leave with a low allowance and we came back to Chennai.


Aslam said...

dude.. u have a good memory..!
I only remember the teachers because of the bad stuff that happened with me... like the teacher who pulled my ears once... that was my first punishment.. oh well.. i think so at least..

anyway.. i hope u dont remember all the times that i may have annoyed u..! :P

Philip Kingsley said...

i always remember the good times i had with people.. well i dont think u have annoyed me...

Visu said...

Boy..! Thats a good one! I remember stamping on the dhoti of my classmate on a stage dance which lead to a wardrobe malfunction. :D
Oh, that was in 1st standard. Ad oh, he was wearing a shorts inside. :P ..

Anonymous said...

It was a good post man which describes you from top to bottom :..neve know that you are a good singer OMG :)

Philip Kingsley said...

Dont tell anyone ;)