Saturday, December 22, 2007

Recent trip to salem

Well recently i made a trip to my dad's house in salem. i made a visit to my friend's house and on my way back i was astonished to see the conductor giving me an printout for a ticket. Actually i along with my friends were thinking on it a few months back. i was actually very glad to see that to be implemented in a remote route infact it wasnt even implemented in chennai.

The same day i went to have my dinner in a hotel named "ananda bhavan". I saw a glass screen that actually displayed flashing texts. it had a single handle which was abt the dimension 75*7*5cms. It had no other connections and no wire connections inside the glass... a cool technology display...

Sunday, December 9, 2007


Everybody blame the US president that he shouldnt have attacked Iraq. Well they are past. What people say currently is that america to pull out its troops!!! They dont really care what would happen what would happen to that war-torned country if the troops are pulled out before the country learn to protect itself.

There are other questions... Arent there other countries in such situation and why should this be a reason in this country alone???
i always believe Americans are Humans and have some humanism in them. if the allies have to take its troops then there Could be another genocide waiting to happen.