Saturday, July 24, 2010

All Heavens Declare

We can see in this link that the vibrations in the sun has been recorded and speeded up in frequency, so that we can hear these sounds. To me, it appears to glorify the creator just like the bible hints at psalms 19:1-3

Saturday, July 3, 2010

Criminals Getting Younger?

When we look at this news article we can find Kids as young as 12 are becoming murderers and involving rape,etc. I would like to try and understand the root cause of this is happening. They are filled with lust and hatred. When we look at the source where they got that lust and hatred(or information on how to do those crimes), i could possibly think of four sources.

  1. Friends: When we say they get the information from friends(bad Company), then we are into cyclic reasoning. (where did their friends get? Again friends?). Some might say Parents. But i don't find it convincing to say that parents teach their kids how to do those crimes.Some blame it on parents cause they aren't controlling their kids. I would rather say that even if they did control, there is nothing the parents can do when they are not present in the house. May be parents didn't control, but that isn't everything.
  2. Computer games: The kids have unlimited access to computer games. Nowadays the games are trying to be very realistic which when imitated in a real world can be very dangerous. Some times the Media make it a big news when some good thing happens after playing games. The reason for this is that the media will always be interested to cover something that is done out of the Box. In other words, usually it doesn't happen that way. Games like Car Racing also has bad effects on kids. Some games come with the Mature rating but in India there is no restriction as to who can play those games. The games can be easily downloaded or retrieved from friends. So this could be a very good source of information for their acts.
  3. Movies: This is a very good source for kids to become criminals. In some movies, we could find that its OK to go against the Police , to attack them. Most of the time, its the Writer’s and director’s view that is portrayed in the movie and almost everyone who watches the movie will accept the viewpoint at the end. Coming to content of the movies, its most horrifying to see how coolly then bring about the seducing of the women and the anger of the hero when someone tries to steal his love. In some cases they also portray that its OK to commit suicide, which is always a crime. The movies go through the review board and a rating comes with a movie. Most of the times, Indian movies are rated as U/A. I feel that the rating is done as to whether the kids will be able to watch it or not and not whether they should be allowed to watch. Even if they are not allowed to watch in theaters, its highly probably that these movies can be watched in TV without much filtering. If these movies aren't shown, the songs are shown which often contains women discriminating themselves.I just cant think what would happen if those actresses can walk on a normal college road without any security accompanying them. After all its money that matters most and neither culture nor religious beliefs(moral values). Some might think that's its just entertainment. We shouldn't take any values from movies. I don't agree to that. The reason is, even if you don't believe it, some values will be taken from a movie and mostly it will be bad values. Sometimes, when i speak to my friends, my friends will start laughing suddenly. I will wonder as to why they laughed. Later i would realize that they would have taken it double meaning. If its easy to take a bad view from such a small sentence, then i don't find it convincing to say that movies are taken just for entertainment. And its common to think that those good values(if any) of a movie is for others and not for themselves. The two aspect which almost all movies bring about is action and romance. These two are the main reasons why those kids became corrupt. When u continue to view action content, its possible to see that
  4. Internet. Best Source. No Comments.
OK. A kid has become Bad. SO what? Does he do it with everyone on the road? I dont think so.
Next, I would like to bring about how the girls are nowadays. Almost everyone these days have a tendency to imitate the western culture. That’s fine provided they dress modestly. But if they do anything with the expectation of attracting guys then one may easily judge the mind complexities that a normal guy have to go through. The real problem of it is that more than the good guys getting attracted, the bad guys get attracted easily. For the good guys don't get deceived easily. That is the reason why these kinds of crimes take place. Its not wrong to look good. But its wrong in trying to attract others when they are not in business. I don't know where it will end. It all depends on how your thought process is. If You believe in god, then you will at least think that you are doing something wrong. In some cases even that doesn't happen.

To summarize, the reasons why those kids might have gone corrupt may be movies, computer games, Internet and the victim herself.

PS. I might have missed a few other sources as well. If you have anything to add on or criticize please comment. Please Ignore my grammatical mistakes.