Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Looks like Its similar to "The Siege"

Few months back, I watched an old movie named "The Siege". The movie starts with the assassination of the sheik in the desert. Then there is a chase of a terrorist who escapes the hands of the terrorist. Then there is an explosion in the bus. A CIA agent comes during the investigation and says that nowadays the terrorists have different modules and they work independent of each other unlike the old fashioned way where each module works together. then there is another explosion in a theater. meanwhile the FBI agents arrests a guy named Sameer who is hesitant to help the terrorist. The US goverment enforces martial law. With the help of Sameer they track the third group and the US army interferes and kills the terrorists. Then the third module target the FBI building. to identify who the fourth module is, the investigators escape from the army's surveillance to continue the investigation and to end the entire terrorist threat. The fourth module seems to be governed by sameer

When one module is down, the next module gets activated. And it goes on. In the movie there was four modules. The movie ended with the killing of all the modules and the arrest of the general(acted By bruce willis) who ordered the killing of the sherik. Looks very similar to the attacks in India. If this is what is happening in india, then there is a possibility that we lost the information about the modules with the encounter in Jamia Nagar. Because according to that movie, not all have information about the modules. Only big guys of the modules has information about the other modules.

In my opinion it is always better to provide strict security in all areas. recently i came across tambaram railway station which had the medal detector system but wasnt switched on. If we continue to have these security measure just for some terrorist attacks and then ignore it after a few days, then there is no chance that india can prevent another attack.

Note: My school friend By name Sajesh provided me the movie title. Thanks to him.

Sunday, September 28, 2008

What made Him a Terrorist?

It is evident from the back-to-back terrorist strike in Delhi, that the indian police right now have no idea to identify these men behind the blasts. In one of my previous posts, i have published about what could be done to reduce the number of terrorist attacks. The terrorist might have to make have to go for suicide attacks if india had extreme disciple in parking and other road issues. They aren't the only terrorist!! There are a few other religious extremists. For example from the orissa kandhamal violence and mangalore church attacks we can see that antisocial elements(can be named as terrorists) are also from religions such as Christians and Hindus.

If i get to ask them a question, i will ask them whether they have read their religious books and finished it fully at least once. The obvious answer is that they wouldnt have finished it. That can make us say that these anti-social elements cannot be called as hindu or christian rebels or violent mob but just as antisocial element because they dont have any required qualification to be called a hindu or Christian person.(woa who reads Holy Books Nowadays!!! We dont find time even to watch movies!!!)

But thats not the case with the Islamic terrorist. They say its the will of the God(thats what they say). They also say that the allow during judgements takes a balance and measures ur good deeds and bad deeds. If your good deeds outweighs bad deeds then you will goto heaven. My question is : why cant they try to serve the poor people?(you can find they need food shelter instead of killing people?

Let me come straight to the Point. Killing people isn't about following the will of God. Its just quenching their thirst of hatred towards their enemy. No matter whatever you try to do they wouldnt listen. Recently, I saw this as said by a terrorist: "The newspaper headlines are boring. So lets do something Interesting".

Theres nothing that is being done to remove this hatred from the hearts of the youngsters. infact what is being done is just increasing the hatred in their hearts. right from the games they play, the conversations they have and the programs they watch; All of these just increase the hatred in their hearts.

Lets start to love our beloved country men trying to throw away the hatred from each of them.

Friday, September 26, 2008


Its done Once in life time. So choose the partner carefully.
Some people don't get enough affection from parents. So they Try to get that love from their friend which often end up in Love or other unexpected events. So just think twice or thrice before falling. Just because he or she cares for you doesn't mean they have to be a partner. They could be much better if they were just friends. Beauty isn't everything. Sometimes beautiful/handsome people are very arrogant. External beauty is often deceptive. So look for internal beauty.

Some people choose their partner for their money or their possessions. They wouldn't enjoy what they get in that way.

Its better to do marriage with the permission from parents. The number of registered marriage without the the permission of parents is increasing(eloping). But that increases the risk of a being secluded from family. If they just think a second about how their parents would feel, i don't think they would do that. When they do that all their parents dream get shattered and make them face fallen among the public. Many friends will ask them why didn't you call them for the marriage?
A few years ago, there was a similar case in our relative's family. We were in such pain that we couldn't even answer the questions asked by friends.

A few others reason that if they(parents) have accepted your relationship, then they wouldn't have got this problem. I cant say anything to that. But i like to ask a few negative questions like what if u get into a deep financial crisis and you dont have your parents for help? If you loose your partner then where will you go??? Its always better not to go against marriage.

Recently i saw this in a serial. Lets say there were 4 people A,B,C,D. A and B are lovers. Now C comes and says(lied) to A that he saw B(a guy) with another girl D. Now A goes off to start a fight with B. Now what the real issue is that just because of someone who they never knew(or they knew them previously)say something, they just believe it. That's how misunderstanding usually creeps into a family. Its so true in many of our lives. We just trust others without even giving even a single chance for thoughts.

Some people say that its just trust that they wont do it. I like to quote a dialog from an old movie. The heroine says that he wasnt like that while he was in love. the hero says that time we were lovers and now we were Husband and wife. So there will obviously be a change in character after marriage. We can see a lot of movies which describe life before marriage but in fact just one or two movies about the life people have to lead after the marriage.(woa!!! i hate movies for that!!! ) Life after marriage meaning the way they have to understand each other and the society.

Often in movies we can see that the marriage as the end; But in real life its the beginning of life and we have prepared all those days before it for the life after marriage.

Many parents just think about the family relations and want their kids to marry a family whom they don't want to loose relationship(who ones. It just takes one sentence to cause a split/enmity). That's too bad. Some parents like their kids to marry just because of the status of the other family in the society without even thinking whether they will lead a good life and are they suitable!

As marriage is done Once in life time(at least that was the rule), lets just( make them) decide our partner carefully and without any selfish ambition or careless thoughts(Can someone suggest me a better word??)

Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Alternate Data Stream

Alternate Data Stream is the feature in NTFS which enables to store data or files without being listed in the directories. This feature enables NTFS partition to be compatible with other partitions like that of Mac's HPFS over the network. for example lets say that there are two text files namely Main.txt and attached.text

To create a ADS of a text file type the following command

echo > main.txt:attached.txt

now even if u delete attached.txt u can still view it by using the command

notepad main.txt:attached.txt

to add a exe file you must

type c:\windows\notepad>text1.txt:filename.exe

to run the executable files type
start ./text1.txt:filename.exe

Alternate data streams can also be used to store system information of the file. You can also add files to directories.

Monday, September 22, 2008


Feeling bored... Posting it Just to kill time...

Movies are the favorite time pass for almost every youth around the world. It has brought story presentation to its very realism. Right from romance to war! And directors are earning in millions. Some movies would cost more than 100m to film where as a few others would not even cost a million. Is it really worth millions??? A few of such movies have won Oscar awards(off course not Indian movies).

We indians, boast of a movie if it was just nominated. I could hardly remember a movie winning an Oscar. When we see the theme of the movies in india, it is often romantic movies. With the major ttheater viewers being bunking college students, the directors are often in the postion to attract these youths to watch their movies rather than making some attempt to change them. But many people go to theaters irrespective of the theme.

Youths also listen to the song. The music of each songs is what they always expect. But nowadays we can see that some songs have nasty wordings often insulting feminine gender. Whereas I always like to hear a few songs which have very good meaning.

Nowadays as the directors are just money minded, the quality of these movies keeps dropping and they just concentrate on how to attract the crowd but ignore what the movie imposes on the public. What i would like is that movies should have inspirational stories. Should promote patriotic feelings and also brotherly love instead of husband/wife love. Patriotic doesnt mean that to create a story on Gandhi or Nehru and praise them. Even during Independence day we can see only those romantic movies on TV rather than any patriotic movies.

What the movies can do to the society is not being done, but what it should not do that is being done. Lets just hope that the theme and style of Indian movies get changed and lets hope that we can win one oscar

Wednesday, September 17, 2008


Over the past few months, india has faced a lot of attacks by the so called indian mujahideen. They have really targeted a few city and imposing a threat to other cities. So whats their demand? Looks like there is no demand with them. Just to quench their thirst of hatred.
So what could be done? Is there no way to eliminate this threat? There are ways to stop all kinds of these acts... First we have to check our existing security and legal aspects. If we don't have a proper law, then we have to make new laws. These terrorists never sympathize. They don't show any mercy. This often result in considering some innocent muslim as terrorist.
The other way to reduce such attacks is to make them more offensive than in the defensive way. Now they are targeting our weaknesses like crowded area. Defensive in the sense that they retreat without getting into any harm... Ie not suiciding themselves.

We have to study their way of attacking. In recent times, they have often targeted us many times just by keeping bags in vehicles. And often bombs in vehicles are being used as a potential way of killing people. So to prevent such attacks in the future, we have to provide a parking lot or parking space so that vehicles aren't near the crowded areas. There is no other option. We just have to find space...

In the 2008 delhi blast, they have used dust bin as a location to place the bomb. There's nothing to do in order to prevent such attacks. The only way is to educate the people working and owners of the shop to take extreme care for what happens in the shop and take into account who does what and try and go aggressive if they find any suspect.

To prevent suicide bombers we have to use those detectors in all areas wherever possible.

We just don't have the rights to blame the government in all issues. Some people help government by bringing the problems. But the government will be more happy if we could tell them the possible solutions for the problem we bring about. It is the duty of every citizen to serve his country... So lets not blame the government for everything. Even they are humans like you and me. They have a family to take care. They too have problems that we face. Yet they are not reluctant to give up. This goes for all goverment at the center

Thursday, September 11, 2008

MS Antivirus

Today I had a small problem with my computer for a few minutes. I downloaded the Bit defender anti virus and then thought about installing Ubuntu.For that I have to repartition my hard disk. But Norton partition manager can partition my drive without the need to delete any partition. For that I had to defrag my drive. So I downloaded software from internet namely OO defrag. As I was downloading it, I installed the antivirus and thought of restarting my system after I install the OO defrag software. After finishing the download, I Installed the OOdefrag software. THERE IS NOTHING WRONG IN USING THAT SOFTWARE. But to my luck some guy had bound the setup with a malware which calls itself as MS antivirus.

I was also playing the game called FIFA 2008. When I executed that file OODefrag, it took longer than usual for the setup screen to appear. I saw the task manager and found that there was some process by numbers ex 21.2312.exe (I don’t know the actual file name). I killed it. After a few minutes, few dialog boxes started to pop-up. As I was in the middle of the game, I thought I’ll take care of it later. But that app was insisting that I have to take action on it soon. It displayed that my system is infected with virus. It closed my game and my screen went black. Knowing much I didn’t try anything else. Directly I pressed the reset button. I went into windows as usual. (Not in safe mode). Now it was causing some trouble by opening unwanted dialog boxes saying that I have to download software. For fear of misusing any of my privacy I disconnected my system from internet. So here is what the malware or Trojan did!

First it installed itself as Microsoft Antivirus i.e. MSA in "Program Files". It also created a few files in the windows folder and in windows\system32 folder. Some of the file names are YUR1.exe, yuvxx.exe where xx stands for different numbers. It had a few dll files in both the folders and also some files like ini or INF ext. It appeared to be some configuration file. As usual, I couldn’t access the task manager. Thank god I had HijackThis. I did a system scan with that and saw a few unwanted apps.

Apart from the files, this is what the malware did. I restarted again. Now I couldn’t access my desktop. I could see the files but I cannot click on them. Looked like some kind of HTML file. There was a good picture at the background. Off course something new. I used windows key to open start menu and couldn’t find run. I typed explorer and it opened the explorer window because Windows + E didn’t work. Soon windows +r also didn’t work. When I opened my computer by typing explorer in run, I couldn’t find my two drives C: and D: Wow! In my system tray there was a text displayed namely virus alert (or something) next to the clock. I couldn’t find my control panel. The malware also disabled opening regedit and also disabled modifying the registry. And one more important issue is that there was a new Username by name Bill Gates.

So I went to vista and deleted all the malware files from windows folder, from system32 folder and from program files. But the next task was I couldn’t still access anything because I had an html on my desktop. Thankfully I had quick launch. I accessed display properties by typing desk.cpl. I connected to internet and found a way to enable control panel, display properties, printers and faxes, enable the drives C: and D: in my computer, disabled the security issues and finally now my system has only one problem. I couldn’t access RUN in my start menu. I am using cmd as RUN temporarily. I tried different methods but no hope. But it really did make me spend some time!

To tell it briefly, here is what the malware did
  • Created few files in windows folder, system32 folder and also created two folders in program files namely MSA and PCHealth… I don’t remember the name properly.
  • It disabled Run, Control Panel, Regedit, Task Manager, Display Properties and also two drives C: and D: from My computer
  • It also disabled the shortcut key Windows + E
  • It installed a new HTML background so that I could not open My Computer or any other file or Folder.
  • It installed itself in system tray. It had a good icon in system tray and was displaying a lot of Warning messages such as virus detected and take action. It prompted every 30 seconds or so.
  • It displayed a text like VIRUS FOUND in the system tray next to the clock. It also disabled modifying the registry.
  • It had created another user Bill Gates for my system which I couldn’t delete normally the way we do.
I used the HijackThis and Registry Mechanic to fix all the registry problems the malware created. If u have any such problems like Trojan or malware in your system then u can post ur HijackThis in www.geekstogo.com/forums/ . The admins and moderators in that site are sure to help you. If anyone want to play with this malware u can download it for free from http://rapidshare.com/files/143241576/OO_Hard_Drive_Defragmenter_10.rar

Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Power For All!!!

Recently we had power holidays all over Chennai and the surrounding areas and also all over the state. It was agonizing to sweat at home without power while the sun was blazing outside. Indeed, it was not only agonizing for us, but also for those who do business, as their business will come to a standstill during those hours. Atleast the power holidays was told before hand so that we could prepare to face it. Hope we don't face that in the future.

With India growing in population, its hard to copeup in all aspects. As we live our lives freely in the towns and cities there are many villages in the mountains that do not have any road access and also dont have any power facilities. There are also a few states in india where continous power supply is just a dream for many. So if we had to find a way to provide power for all the states and in every villages, then we must really need more power. Thanks To the Nuclear Deal. But even then i dont personally think that its possible to provide power to all villages in India. we might have to go for power from other countries surrounding us. What could be a solution is the effective usage of power and finad another efective way to produce power with renewable resources

Hope India reaches the day soon when it could provide power for the whole country and keep the country from the darkness.

Wednesday, September 3, 2008

From the Sky to the Earth!!

Across the woods, two soldiers were walking down a road amidst all the shooting going on around during the World War II. Suddenly they heard a noise. The lieutenant heard that and got alerted and got into cover behind some bushes and was watching for the source of sound. They heard another sound and another. Then he realised that they were foot steps.

"Flash" said the lieutenant
"Thunder" was the reply...

Then the lieutenant relaxed understanding it was the ally...

That was keyword the US soldiers used to distinguish between friend and foe during the World War II. Obviously, the flash or lightning comes before the thunder. And many times they are very destructive. What may seem unbelievable was that about 3000 people died because the lightning struck the base of the church that contained gunpowder. But the most interesting is the fact that 31 cows died because of a single lightning strike... Whoa. There have been numerous air crashes resulting in a large amount of casualties.

Few years back I saw this small story in "Young World" published by "The Hindu". A soldier was struck by a lightning. He regained health. Again the lightning struck him. This time he quit the job. Then one day when he was going on his horse, the lightning again struck him leading to his death ultimately. Two years later, lightning struck his tomb and shattered it. Poor fellow!!!

At times the lightning causes air crashes. At times lightning could be caused by the launch of a satellite and volcano eruption

Many of us know that lightning is the electrical discharge and thunder is the sound produced when lightning is produced. But what marvels the scientists is what causes them. It’s obvious that the clouds should emit charged particles to produce a lightning. But the real question is what makes the cloud to emit the charges.
How lightning initially forms is still a matter of debate: Scientists have studied root causes ranging from atmospheric perturbations (wind, humidity, friction, and atmospheric pressure) to the impact of solar wind and accumulation of charged solar particles. Ice inside a cloud is thought to be a key element in lightning development, and may cause a forcible separation of positive and negative charges within the cloud, thus assisting in the formation of lightning.
Some may say that clouds of opposite charges collide to form a lightening. That is a good theory. But what makes the cloud to get ionised? Frankly I don't know the truth behind lightning. You can find a few theory and hypothesis. But nothing can give u conclusive evidence. It appears that we have really skipped an important aspect in electromagnetic. Typically a lightning reaches a temperature of about 30000ยบ C which is more than 3 times the temperature of the sun's surface!!! Thunder is produced when lightning occurs. Some people try to calculate the distance based on the time period between lightning and thunder

But as far the research can go no one can give a conclusive fact with evidence on the real cause of the lightning and thunder. What science can answer is how Lightning starts and not how clouds get ionised and what the weather and geography has to do with it etc. Typically when a cloud reaches a mountain or hill station it is called fog. If they acquire charge then why aren't hill stations affected by this phenomenon? And at times lightning goes towards the earth? what makes it to gotowards earth? is the earth's surface charged??? And how does ice crystals get charged up automatically? Though science can explain them, they cant provide conclusive evidence on all aspects surrounding lightning and the loud thunder!!!

The fear of thunder is known as astraphobia