Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Looks like Its similar to "The Siege"

Few months back, I watched an old movie named "The Siege". The movie starts with the assassination of the sheik in the desert. Then there is a chase of a terrorist who escapes the hands of the terrorist. Then there is an explosion in the bus. A CIA agent comes during the investigation and says that nowadays the terrorists have different modules and they work independent of each other unlike the old fashioned way where each module works together. then there is another explosion in a theater. meanwhile the FBI agents arrests a guy named Sameer who is hesitant to help the terrorist. The US goverment enforces martial law. With the help of Sameer they track the third group and the US army interferes and kills the terrorists. Then the third module target the FBI building. to identify who the fourth module is, the investigators escape from the army's surveillance to continue the investigation and to end the entire terrorist threat. The fourth module seems to be governed by sameer

When one module is down, the next module gets activated. And it goes on. In the movie there was four modules. The movie ended with the killing of all the modules and the arrest of the general(acted By bruce willis) who ordered the killing of the sherik. Looks very similar to the attacks in India. If this is what is happening in india, then there is a possibility that we lost the information about the modules with the encounter in Jamia Nagar. Because according to that movie, not all have information about the modules. Only big guys of the modules has information about the other modules.

In my opinion it is always better to provide strict security in all areas. recently i came across tambaram railway station which had the medal detector system but wasnt switched on. If we continue to have these security measure just for some terrorist attacks and then ignore it after a few days, then there is no chance that india can prevent another attack.

Note: My school friend By name Sajesh provided me the movie title. Thanks to him.


Srini said...

Good news is that u too see movies now e days.

Philip Kingsley said...

from who did you hear that i dont watch movies???? :D