Tuesday, January 26, 2010

My training in Infosys

I was put into java training. About 11 from my college were in java. I was put into the firt row of the training room. We had about 5 projects of which 4 were evaluated. The first module was HJSX for which we had Anitha as our lecture.

We usually do the project well ahead of time. I used to help JAcky do his project. My CGPA before entering java was 4.93. I was in a situation where i must get A in all modules with a exception of one module with 3 Grade points and there was one module java with 4 Grade points. When i went for Java exam, i was a little scared because if i fail in that i will miss the grade A CGPA ie 4.95 and above. some how i managed to get A in the first 3 modules. and when i entered the 4th module namely advanced Java, i got a B+ which meant i need to get A grade in the next two modules. And the next two modules were Almost theory which is not my piece of cake. But somehow i managed to get A grade in all my remaining modules. And then comes the biggest challenge of comprehensive exam and POST project. I felt the POST project as tough as there were about 3 tests and two project evaluations. i need to perform well consistently to get Grade A CGPA. It was a tough time but somehow i managed to get 85-grade A. And there i finaaly was in Grade A CGPA. Everyone used to say why are you concentrating on POST project as its not important. But i really felt that its through God's grace that i got CGPA 4.95. actually my CGPA will stand something like 4.9474.

We used to goto hotels. Once on such trip, my mobile fell from my pocket. But to my luck when we called the number some good guy replied by saying that its with me. I got my mobile back. His name was Sachin.

As soon as we completed the compre we got news that we'll be leaving to hyderabad to get trained in ES technologies. I really felt bad that i had to leave mysore. the next few days i help my friends clear the generic re compre. Though i felt bad, i was a bit enthusiastic about it. We left Mysore on May 12. Coming to hyderabad i really had a bad time. The first week i got thoat infection with fever. The second week i lost my mobile. And third important thing is that i couldnt find a good Church like the way i found in mysore. I didnt like the ES field either as it is not very challenging and its not interesting.. My brother organised concert was scheduled on June 29. My friend told me to book ticket to chennai to come for the Concert having faith in god. But my compre exam was scheduled on June 29th. Thats the 4th bad instance i had to face in Hyderabad. I got posted in hyderabad. On July 21 i Got into a project which is a non billable project.

I felt like that i got placed in a company which i didnt like initially, working in a field(ES) which i dont like and working in a place i didnt like. But one thing is that i am not earning anything for my company.