Friday, March 13, 2009

My journey to Infosys!!!

On Friday evening in early November 2008, I got the call email from Infosys to join on December 15 2008. The following week along with Prashanth, I booked the tickets to go to Mysore on December 13th night at 9:30 pm. After booking the tickets, we were waiting for the train to go to tiruvanmiyur. I made a call to my friend. Then I asked Prashanth for my mobile -thinking I lost it- which was actually in my hand.


Few days later we got the call letter from Infosys in the courier. The day of journey to Mysore came soon. My friend Prashanth visited my house on the day of journey to get the seminar series of Kent Hovind. In evening, we took the taxi to reach central as it was getting late. When I reached the station, everyone had gone to the platform. I don’t remember the platform number. When I reached my compartment, I could see a lot of my friends like Senthur, Viswa, Arun, etc already there for send off. And after bidding heart-breaking adieu, we got into the train.


The train started to Mysore or rather I can call it as the INFOSYS train, as many passengers of that train were for Infosys. We were split into two groups in the compartment because of the seating. We went to sleep at about 12 at night. I was in the middle berth. It became very cold in early morning. Soon we began to shiver. We reached Bangalore at 5:00 Am and it was very cold in Bangalore and we couldn’t stand in the station and rest our hands on any place other than our own pockets. We reached Mysore at about 8:00 am.


We took a taxi to Infosys and reached it at about 9:00. And we were standing outside the gate for verification. We showed the necessary documents. My friend had forgotten to bring his offer letter. The security called the HR and later let my friend in. We almost got the same block with me being lucky getting the ground floor. We were quite lucky to get one of the best hostel blocks in Infosys. After getting ready we started to roam. We were a bit scared whether we might have forgotten some important documents. The first two weeks were quite boring and then the training started.


The first Saturday in Infosys, we went to Mysore palace and Zoo. A few of my friends got sick after the 4 km walk in the Zoo.  The next day, I went to Church along with my friends. I liked the church. And since then, I went to that church every Sunday.


In mid February, we completed the generic training and at the end of the month, I was put into the java Stream; the language which I never liked. Training has been good so far. I hope that I will complete with a grade A. But being here in Infosys, I don’t find any kind of stress or tension even in the least. It’s a very good environment where I always like to be.


Wednesday, March 11, 2009

German School Shootings

            There was an incident firing in school in Germany where a 17 year old guy shot more than 20 people. With the ensuing firing by the police and the gunman, about 16 people died. It is really sad to hear such events taking place. But we are facing similar problem in much bigger scale.


           The German government is now facing pressure to bring law that would enforce gun control among people (students). Do you think Gun is the culprit which did that? There is no point in blaming the gun because the purpose of the weapon is to kill or injure. And with the current scenario, everyone is keen in breaking the laws. No matter how hard the punishment may be, the youths find a thrill or adventurous to break the law and try to escape. Though these laws might reduce the level of crime, it will not eliminate the crime. But it will lead to much wilder and dangerous situation.


            So what must be done to eliminate such crimes? The reason why such people take weapons is because of the hatred to others in their heart. We must find why these people have so much hatred in their heart that they don’t hesitate to kill and get killed with the weapons. It might be some unfortunate events like the unexpected loss of their dear ones (due to doctor’s fault) which could have brought them to such a state. It could also be the environment they are in; the games they play; the movies they watch. Nowadays we can see a lot of movies which quite plainly display the ways to break the law. Many movies often tell how to take the law in their hands rather than how to react quite patiently to the crimes. The more shooting and other action based games/movies a person plays, more hatred and love for weapons build in their heart and hence those terrible incidents.


Whenever a crime happens, it should never be about how to punish the criminals, but how to prevent such incidents in the future by analyzing the root cause for the crime. Analyzing the root cause is as important as punishing the culprits.


Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Markets in Renewable resources:

Markets in Renewable resources:


Renewable resources are those that can be created or produced even after consuming it. And non renewable resources are those that are lost after the usage. By Non-renewable business, i mean making business in resources like minerals, petroleum. And by business in renewable resources i mean textile industry, furniture,Diary products, food products. Almost all industries depend on the renewable resource.


Business in nonrenewable resources gaurantees more income compared to the renewable resources. And it doesnt sustain a country with its prestige for a long time. But having business in renewable resources may be slow but it will increase the growth of the country. It might produce less profits; but everyone is directly dependant on renewable resources.


Farming might not give you good profits but no one can live without the existance of food which we get from farms. Though the technology might bring about revolution in the agriculture, it cannot replace farm. Though the technology can provide good dresses, it cannot provide the basic materials for dressing. we are ver much dependant on nature. nearly 70% of the indian population is dependant on farming. But these numbers are reducing which might mean that our food supplies are reducing slowly(this is not the only reasong). The textile industry is another major source of income for our country. We tend to spend more on exports rather than for marketing within india.



For a country to stand on its feet, it is necessary for the country to have development in all fields. The politicians/media should necessarily publicize the importance of trading in renewable resources.

Sunday, March 8, 2009

Ipl 2009

We had a wonderful time last year with the first IPL season. May be its not the first of such event but it did bring the change in the international cricket. It improved the quality of batting in all forms of cricket

This year's season will be more interesting with the signing in of few players from England namely Andrew Flintoff. There are a few challenges for the players especially with the terrorist attack on srilankan players and the november 26 terrorist attack in mumbai. This time with the security could be a issue with the parlimentary elections coming inbetween.

The most important issue i like about series like these is that the players are from different lands and its very hard for few players to get along. Its very interesting to see these player play with team spirit.

Lets just hope that this season gives much more entertainment to the viewers.

Saturday, March 7, 2009

Intel's new motherboard and processor

With the increasing in competition, all companies are trying to produce new products with cool features. The main companies in the microprocessor industry are Intel and Amd.
Intel has developed a new series of motherboard and processor which are quite unique compared to other products from the same company.
The motherboard series is DX58SO. Whats so special about this product? Well, intel has changed the processor socket after a long time. There is only one processor so far that fits in it-i7 processor. This motherboard has cool features such as two pci 16x2.0 slots and one 16x 1.0 slots. The processor has 4 cores and has good ratings.
This motherboard does not have any builtin graphics core but can support any combination of sli cards.