Friday, March 13, 2009

My journey to Infosys!!!

On Friday evening in early November 2008, I got the call email from Infosys to join on December 15 2008. The following week along with Prashanth, I booked the tickets to go to Mysore on December 13th night at 9:30 pm. After booking the tickets, we were waiting for the train to go to tiruvanmiyur. I made a call to my friend. Then I asked Prashanth for my mobile -thinking I lost it- which was actually in my hand.


Few days later we got the call letter from Infosys in the courier. The day of journey to Mysore came soon. My friend Prashanth visited my house on the day of journey to get the seminar series of Kent Hovind. In evening, we took the taxi to reach central as it was getting late. When I reached the station, everyone had gone to the platform. I don’t remember the platform number. When I reached my compartment, I could see a lot of my friends like Senthur, Viswa, Arun, etc already there for send off. And after bidding heart-breaking adieu, we got into the train.


The train started to Mysore or rather I can call it as the INFOSYS train, as many passengers of that train were for Infosys. We were split into two groups in the compartment because of the seating. We went to sleep at about 12 at night. I was in the middle berth. It became very cold in early morning. Soon we began to shiver. We reached Bangalore at 5:00 Am and it was very cold in Bangalore and we couldn’t stand in the station and rest our hands on any place other than our own pockets. We reached Mysore at about 8:00 am.


We took a taxi to Infosys and reached it at about 9:00. And we were standing outside the gate for verification. We showed the necessary documents. My friend had forgotten to bring his offer letter. The security called the HR and later let my friend in. We almost got the same block with me being lucky getting the ground floor. We were quite lucky to get one of the best hostel blocks in Infosys. After getting ready we started to roam. We were a bit scared whether we might have forgotten some important documents. The first two weeks were quite boring and then the training started.


The first Saturday in Infosys, we went to Mysore palace and Zoo. A few of my friends got sick after the 4 km walk in the Zoo.  The next day, I went to Church along with my friends. I liked the church. And since then, I went to that church every Sunday.


In mid February, we completed the generic training and at the end of the month, I was put into the java Stream; the language which I never liked. Training has been good so far. I hope that I will complete with a grade A. But being here in Infosys, I don’t find any kind of stress or tension even in the least. It’s a very good environment where I always like to be.


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