Wednesday, March 11, 2009

German School Shootings

            There was an incident firing in school in Germany where a 17 year old guy shot more than 20 people. With the ensuing firing by the police and the gunman, about 16 people died. It is really sad to hear such events taking place. But we are facing similar problem in much bigger scale.


           The German government is now facing pressure to bring law that would enforce gun control among people (students). Do you think Gun is the culprit which did that? There is no point in blaming the gun because the purpose of the weapon is to kill or injure. And with the current scenario, everyone is keen in breaking the laws. No matter how hard the punishment may be, the youths find a thrill or adventurous to break the law and try to escape. Though these laws might reduce the level of crime, it will not eliminate the crime. But it will lead to much wilder and dangerous situation.


            So what must be done to eliminate such crimes? The reason why such people take weapons is because of the hatred to others in their heart. We must find why these people have so much hatred in their heart that they don’t hesitate to kill and get killed with the weapons. It might be some unfortunate events like the unexpected loss of their dear ones (due to doctor’s fault) which could have brought them to such a state. It could also be the environment they are in; the games they play; the movies they watch. Nowadays we can see a lot of movies which quite plainly display the ways to break the law. Many movies often tell how to take the law in their hands rather than how to react quite patiently to the crimes. The more shooting and other action based games/movies a person plays, more hatred and love for weapons build in their heart and hence those terrible incidents.


Whenever a crime happens, it should never be about how to punish the criminals, but how to prevent such incidents in the future by analyzing the root cause for the crime. Analyzing the root cause is as important as punishing the culprits.


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