Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Radio Worship Network: Christian radio, Christian music, Christian artists and musicians. Free Christian music player.

Radio Worship Network: Christian radio, Christian music, Christian artists and musicians. Free Christian music player.

Listen to Christian songs anytime. I use this website when i am in office.

Monday, September 6, 2010

Purpose of Laws(not scientific)

Let us discuss the capability of laws and the applicability of Bible in the modern life with respect to laws. Bible is divided into two parts also called as testaments. They are Old Testament and New Testament. Let us discuss the two in more detail.

God created man in his own image on the sixth day. He planted a garden in the east and told him not to eat the fruit of the tree of knowledge of good and evil. But man disobeyed gods command and ate the fruit of the tree of knowledge of good and evil. Now man with the knowledge of good and evil still didn’t choose to do that is right. One thing that might have happened is that the line of differentiation of good and evil as understood by man and that considered by God, might have changed significantly.

As a result, after the flood God had to give the Law directly to mankind through Moses. The law which god gave to Moses is similar to the laws that we have in our current government system. The punishments which were specified during those times are similar to that we have now. Unintentional crimes were punished by sending the people to refuge city from which they shouldn’t come out. This is like the modern day prison. I do agree that prisons did exist during those times, but the privileges the current prisoners have didn’t exist for the prisoners during those times.

The question is, was the law able to remove the crime/sin from the land? The answer is no. Some might argue that if the current technical advancements (which make information to be broadcasted easily) were available during their time, the law would have followed properly. i.e., if everyone knew the law which god gave to them, then they would have obeyed the law. But that begs the question, is the law being followed by everyone now. The answer for this question is also no. Crimes are taking place in all places. The law has no power for preventing the crimes/sin from happening but it merely judges the crimes/sin that is done. Thus Bible clearly says thousands of years ago that the law has no effect in preventing the crime from taking place. The law simply tried to instill fear into the people so that they wouldn’t do any crime/sin. Our current world is still stuck in this place and it can’t come out of it. This is what the Old Testament is all about

Now the question is what can make a person do that is right. The answer is to bring the change from the inside. It’s not about what we should tell him what is crime and what is not, but to change their attitude from the intention to do which is wrong to do that is right. It is not punishment that changes a person but repentance through forgiveness (not just forgiveness) which can change a person. This is what New Testament is all about. It brings about the change into the heart. All have sinned. But just by doing right things won’t make him a good person. The attitude to do sin/crime remains. Only the blood of Jesus can cleanse a person from sin. The Holy Spirit can change the attitude of a person from the intention to do that is wrong to do that which is right. Let’s pray to Jesus to cleanse our hearts today and let the Holy Spirit to take away the attitude to do sin

Sunday, August 29, 2010

Importance of Saving

Gen 41:34 Let Pharaoh do this, and let him appoint officers over the land, and take up the fifth part of the land of Egypt in the seven plenteous years.

Many people claim that the bible is not applicable to the modern world. They say that its old book and it is of no use in the modern world. But Bible is relevant even today for our moral values and our present situations.

Today I am going to bring to you a very old but true incident from the bible and discuss how it is still relevant to our life even today. I will put before you the story of Joseph and how much it is applicable to today’s life. Our chapter of discussion will be from Genesis 41 and 47:13-24. A short gist of the incident is as follows.

The King Pharaoh of Egypt has two dreams and he is very disturbed by these dreams. He wants someone to interpret the dream for him. But nobody is able to interpret the dream. The chief butler informs the Pharaoh that butler’s dream was interpreted by Joseph (who is in prison) two years back. Pharaoh immediately summons Joseph. Joseph comes before the dreams and listens to the dream and God gives him the interpretation and he gives Pharaoh the right interpretation of the dream. He says that there is going to be seven years of plenty and then the seven years of famine. Then he tells the King Pharaoh to gather a fifth of the land’s produce and gather them during the seven years of plenty and use them during the next seven years of Famine.

Each and every month we earn our salaries. The government demands that we pay about a tenth of our salary as income tax. Some even don’t pay that much. The remaining ninety percent is with us to spend for our livelihood. This is similar to the Pharaoh gathering one fifth of the land’s produce from the people into the barn. Everybody paid it. The importance of the issue is not with the fifth or tenth that we give to the government but the remaining that is with us. During Joseph’s time, we can infer that people didn’t believe in Joseph’s interpretation.
Let us discuss how the grain may have been used by the Egyptians during the period of plenty. The 20 percent went as tax for Pharaoh. (This may be the earliest form of taxation and can prove that taxes were based from the bible). The other needs may be for food (for themselves, their servants and their livestock), for sowing and to meet the basic needs like shelter and clothing. Attributing a twenty percent on each would mean they would still be left with 20 percent. But those seven years were years of plenty which meant that whatever they sow, they would have received a minimum of 10 fold increases(best output a ground could provide).Let us assume that for eating they spent 20 percent for sowing some 10 Percent. Of the remaining 50 percent let us say that they used another 20 percent for the basic needs like clothing and shelter. Still 30 percent of their resources were available which I think the people misused for their pleasure. Some may question that even if they saved 30 percent how can you say that it will be enough for seven years of severe famine. The answer is that if pharaoh saved just a fifth of the produce and could feed the entire world, then saving the 30 % of the produce would certainly have saved them during famine. The problem is that they didn’t. They never tried to save during the years of plenty. But rather they spend all they had on themselves.
In the same way, we even spend so much for our pleasure than saving them. We are paying on an average about 15 percent as tax to the government and the remaining we spend for us. We never know when a crisis is going to come. So it is better that we get prepared for any crisis. It is true that the Egyptians never imagined the severity of the famine. In the same way it is better that we start saving all as much as we can without compromising on our basic needs. If we don’t then we might enter into severe problems.
The fifth of the land’s produce was not meant to be used for Egypt but rather as blessing for all other nations of the world. But since the Egyptians didn’t save any, they had to buy food from Pharaoh. As a result, they came to Joseph (who was second in command) and spent all their money for food. Next they bought food for their cattle and then they sold their lands for food thereby becoming like servants to Pharaoh. Even today (after about 3000 years) this is exactly what is happening. When we are in need of money we keep our lands, jewels in our bank for money. If we are unable to pay then we lose the land. Nowadays it has become very easier for us to get loans that we try to buy all that we desire with loans, low interest EMI. It is the right time that we realize that we must save each and every hard earned penny for our uncertain future. Insurances might help us during crisis, but off course they take your hard earned money for something that might happen rarely. I am neutral on the issue of insuring. If we don’t think about saving money then we will lose all our rights (money, possessions, and fundamental rights) just like the Egyptians during Joseph’s time.
Let us start saving and keep our rights and possessions with ourselves and not sell it to rich people(and government) by not saving.

Saturday, July 24, 2010

All Heavens Declare

We can see in this link that the vibrations in the sun has been recorded and speeded up in frequency, so that we can hear these sounds. To me, it appears to glorify the creator just like the bible hints at psalms 19:1-3

Saturday, July 3, 2010

Criminals Getting Younger?

When we look at this news article we can find Kids as young as 12 are becoming murderers and involving rape,etc. I would like to try and understand the root cause of this is happening. They are filled with lust and hatred. When we look at the source where they got that lust and hatred(or information on how to do those crimes), i could possibly think of four sources.

  1. Friends: When we say they get the information from friends(bad Company), then we are into cyclic reasoning. (where did their friends get? Again friends?). Some might say Parents. But i don't find it convincing to say that parents teach their kids how to do those crimes.Some blame it on parents cause they aren't controlling their kids. I would rather say that even if they did control, there is nothing the parents can do when they are not present in the house. May be parents didn't control, but that isn't everything.
  2. Computer games: The kids have unlimited access to computer games. Nowadays the games are trying to be very realistic which when imitated in a real world can be very dangerous. Some times the Media make it a big news when some good thing happens after playing games. The reason for this is that the media will always be interested to cover something that is done out of the Box. In other words, usually it doesn't happen that way. Games like Car Racing also has bad effects on kids. Some games come with the Mature rating but in India there is no restriction as to who can play those games. The games can be easily downloaded or retrieved from friends. So this could be a very good source of information for their acts.
  3. Movies: This is a very good source for kids to become criminals. In some movies, we could find that its OK to go against the Police , to attack them. Most of the time, its the Writer’s and director’s view that is portrayed in the movie and almost everyone who watches the movie will accept the viewpoint at the end. Coming to content of the movies, its most horrifying to see how coolly then bring about the seducing of the women and the anger of the hero when someone tries to steal his love. In some cases they also portray that its OK to commit suicide, which is always a crime. The movies go through the review board and a rating comes with a movie. Most of the times, Indian movies are rated as U/A. I feel that the rating is done as to whether the kids will be able to watch it or not and not whether they should be allowed to watch. Even if they are not allowed to watch in theaters, its highly probably that these movies can be watched in TV without much filtering. If these movies aren't shown, the songs are shown which often contains women discriminating themselves.I just cant think what would happen if those actresses can walk on a normal college road without any security accompanying them. After all its money that matters most and neither culture nor religious beliefs(moral values). Some might think that's its just entertainment. We shouldn't take any values from movies. I don't agree to that. The reason is, even if you don't believe it, some values will be taken from a movie and mostly it will be bad values. Sometimes, when i speak to my friends, my friends will start laughing suddenly. I will wonder as to why they laughed. Later i would realize that they would have taken it double meaning. If its easy to take a bad view from such a small sentence, then i don't find it convincing to say that movies are taken just for entertainment. And its common to think that those good values(if any) of a movie is for others and not for themselves. The two aspect which almost all movies bring about is action and romance. These two are the main reasons why those kids became corrupt. When u continue to view action content, its possible to see that
  4. Internet. Best Source. No Comments.
OK. A kid has become Bad. SO what? Does he do it with everyone on the road? I dont think so.
Next, I would like to bring about how the girls are nowadays. Almost everyone these days have a tendency to imitate the western culture. That’s fine provided they dress modestly. But if they do anything with the expectation of attracting guys then one may easily judge the mind complexities that a normal guy have to go through. The real problem of it is that more than the good guys getting attracted, the bad guys get attracted easily. For the good guys don't get deceived easily. That is the reason why these kinds of crimes take place. Its not wrong to look good. But its wrong in trying to attract others when they are not in business. I don't know where it will end. It all depends on how your thought process is. If You believe in god, then you will at least think that you are doing something wrong. In some cases even that doesn't happen.

To summarize, the reasons why those kids might have gone corrupt may be movies, computer games, Internet and the victim herself.

PS. I might have missed a few other sources as well. If you have anything to add on or criticize please comment. Please Ignore my grammatical mistakes.

Thursday, February 11, 2010

Starting with a Bang

I just don’t know where to start. Hmmm... Well!! There's nothing special about this post. This is how I spent my new year. Well as usual we went to Church on New Year’s Eve. We were in Salem. We came back to home at about 4 pm... Slept till 8 or so... Then I went out to buy some sweet and some cakes. I had planned make my first travel on the New year... And that travel was from Salem to Chennai. I took my laptop with me. And I boarded a bus that was from Coimbatore.

At first I thought the bus is shaking terribly because of the road. Then I understood that I had taken the worst bus. The bus hardly had 10 passengers. I tried sleeping... the bus was so shaking that I couldnt sleep atleast for the first 99 % of the travel. I thought of taking the ticket to Guindy but decided to go for Tambaram. I have heard that many things have changed in Tambaram. So I wanted to see what the real change was. The journey was for 8-9 hours. The bus wasn’t delayed. After hours of sleepless journey, I finally almost reached my destination. It was hardly 20 Km for Tambaram. That meant in another 20 minutes I would reach my destination. Few minutes passed. Then it was just 5 Km. that meant it was just 5 min for my destination... After a few minutes, someone woke me up. I looked and saw it was the bus conductor. He asked me where I should get down. I told him that I had to get down at Tambaram and he told that we crossed Tambaram long back. And He told me to get down at Guindy. I got down at Guindy and walked for two Km and reached the Railway station and took a train to St Thomas Mt and then took an auto to Madipakkam. From there I walked to Keelkatalai which is another 2 kilometres and took an auto. I reached home at 11:30 pm...

That a big Bang... May be at the back...

Tuesday, January 26, 2010

My training in Infosys

I was put into java training. About 11 from my college were in java. I was put into the firt row of the training room. We had about 5 projects of which 4 were evaluated. The first module was HJSX for which we had Anitha as our lecture.

We usually do the project well ahead of time. I used to help JAcky do his project. My CGPA before entering java was 4.93. I was in a situation where i must get A in all modules with a exception of one module with 3 Grade points and there was one module java with 4 Grade points. When i went for Java exam, i was a little scared because if i fail in that i will miss the grade A CGPA ie 4.95 and above. some how i managed to get A in the first 3 modules. and when i entered the 4th module namely advanced Java, i got a B+ which meant i need to get A grade in the next two modules. And the next two modules were Almost theory which is not my piece of cake. But somehow i managed to get A grade in all my remaining modules. And then comes the biggest challenge of comprehensive exam and POST project. I felt the POST project as tough as there were about 3 tests and two project evaluations. i need to perform well consistently to get Grade A CGPA. It was a tough time but somehow i managed to get 85-grade A. And there i finaaly was in Grade A CGPA. Everyone used to say why are you concentrating on POST project as its not important. But i really felt that its through God's grace that i got CGPA 4.95. actually my CGPA will stand something like 4.9474.

We used to goto hotels. Once on such trip, my mobile fell from my pocket. But to my luck when we called the number some good guy replied by saying that its with me. I got my mobile back. His name was Sachin.

As soon as we completed the compre we got news that we'll be leaving to hyderabad to get trained in ES technologies. I really felt bad that i had to leave mysore. the next few days i help my friends clear the generic re compre. Though i felt bad, i was a bit enthusiastic about it. We left Mysore on May 12. Coming to hyderabad i really had a bad time. The first week i got thoat infection with fever. The second week i lost my mobile. And third important thing is that i couldnt find a good Church like the way i found in mysore. I didnt like the ES field either as it is not very challenging and its not interesting.. My brother organised concert was scheduled on June 29. My friend told me to book ticket to chennai to come for the Concert having faith in god. But my compre exam was scheduled on June 29th. Thats the 4th bad instance i had to face in Hyderabad. I got posted in hyderabad. On July 21 i Got into a project which is a non billable project.

I felt like that i got placed in a company which i didnt like initially, working in a field(ES) which i dont like and working in a place i didnt like. But one thing is that i am not earning anything for my company.