Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Radio Worship Network: Christian radio, Christian music, Christian artists and musicians. Free Christian music player.

Radio Worship Network: Christian radio, Christian music, Christian artists and musicians. Free Christian music player.

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Monday, September 6, 2010

Purpose of Laws(not scientific)

Let us discuss the capability of laws and the applicability of Bible in the modern life with respect to laws. Bible is divided into two parts also called as testaments. They are Old Testament and New Testament. Let us discuss the two in more detail.

God created man in his own image on the sixth day. He planted a garden in the east and told him not to eat the fruit of the tree of knowledge of good and evil. But man disobeyed gods command and ate the fruit of the tree of knowledge of good and evil. Now man with the knowledge of good and evil still didn’t choose to do that is right. One thing that might have happened is that the line of differentiation of good and evil as understood by man and that considered by God, might have changed significantly.

As a result, after the flood God had to give the Law directly to mankind through Moses. The law which god gave to Moses is similar to the laws that we have in our current government system. The punishments which were specified during those times are similar to that we have now. Unintentional crimes were punished by sending the people to refuge city from which they shouldn’t come out. This is like the modern day prison. I do agree that prisons did exist during those times, but the privileges the current prisoners have didn’t exist for the prisoners during those times.

The question is, was the law able to remove the crime/sin from the land? The answer is no. Some might argue that if the current technical advancements (which make information to be broadcasted easily) were available during their time, the law would have followed properly. i.e., if everyone knew the law which god gave to them, then they would have obeyed the law. But that begs the question, is the law being followed by everyone now. The answer for this question is also no. Crimes are taking place in all places. The law has no power for preventing the crimes/sin from happening but it merely judges the crimes/sin that is done. Thus Bible clearly says thousands of years ago that the law has no effect in preventing the crime from taking place. The law simply tried to instill fear into the people so that they wouldn’t do any crime/sin. Our current world is still stuck in this place and it can’t come out of it. This is what the Old Testament is all about

Now the question is what can make a person do that is right. The answer is to bring the change from the inside. It’s not about what we should tell him what is crime and what is not, but to change their attitude from the intention to do which is wrong to do that is right. It is not punishment that changes a person but repentance through forgiveness (not just forgiveness) which can change a person. This is what New Testament is all about. It brings about the change into the heart. All have sinned. But just by doing right things won’t make him a good person. The attitude to do sin/crime remains. Only the blood of Jesus can cleanse a person from sin. The Holy Spirit can change the attitude of a person from the intention to do that is wrong to do that which is right. Let’s pray to Jesus to cleanse our hearts today and let the Holy Spirit to take away the attitude to do sin