Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Markets in Renewable resources:

Markets in Renewable resources:


Renewable resources are those that can be created or produced even after consuming it. And non renewable resources are those that are lost after the usage. By Non-renewable business, i mean making business in resources like minerals, petroleum. And by business in renewable resources i mean textile industry, furniture,Diary products, food products. Almost all industries depend on the renewable resource.


Business in nonrenewable resources gaurantees more income compared to the renewable resources. And it doesnt sustain a country with its prestige for a long time. But having business in renewable resources may be slow but it will increase the growth of the country. It might produce less profits; but everyone is directly dependant on renewable resources.


Farming might not give you good profits but no one can live without the existance of food which we get from farms. Though the technology might bring about revolution in the agriculture, it cannot replace farm. Though the technology can provide good dresses, it cannot provide the basic materials for dressing. we are ver much dependant on nature. nearly 70% of the indian population is dependant on farming. But these numbers are reducing which might mean that our food supplies are reducing slowly(this is not the only reasong). The textile industry is another major source of income for our country. We tend to spend more on exports rather than for marketing within india.



For a country to stand on its feet, it is necessary for the country to have development in all fields. The politicians/media should necessarily publicize the importance of trading in renewable resources.

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