Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Power For All!!!

Recently we had power holidays all over Chennai and the surrounding areas and also all over the state. It was agonizing to sweat at home without power while the sun was blazing outside. Indeed, it was not only agonizing for us, but also for those who do business, as their business will come to a standstill during those hours. Atleast the power holidays was told before hand so that we could prepare to face it. Hope we don't face that in the future.

With India growing in population, its hard to copeup in all aspects. As we live our lives freely in the towns and cities there are many villages in the mountains that do not have any road access and also dont have any power facilities. There are also a few states in india where continous power supply is just a dream for many. So if we had to find a way to provide power for all the states and in every villages, then we must really need more power. Thanks To the Nuclear Deal. But even then i dont personally think that its possible to provide power to all villages in India. we might have to go for power from other countries surrounding us. What could be a solution is the effective usage of power and finad another efective way to produce power with renewable resources

Hope India reaches the day soon when it could provide power for the whole country and keep the country from the darkness.


Aslam said...

The only long term solution is to switch to renewable sources of energy as soon as possible..!!

and we should not just expect the government to do that..! we should start implementing this in our homes as much as possible....

Srini said...

Is this power cut only in Tamil Nadu?
The power for all is because the election is coming soon so only the govt has stopped the maintenance da. This may happen after elections over.

Visu said...

We shouldn't be blaming the Govt entirely for such a precarious state. Govt requests people to contribute to power saving, and on the contrary, we don't. Even a tubelight would contribute!

And its not just the case in TN, Even in bangalore they had this power holiday. Like Ak said, we must try our hands on the variants.

Srini said...

Ok then y this power holiday happens in this year.