Sunday, September 28, 2008

What made Him a Terrorist?

It is evident from the back-to-back terrorist strike in Delhi, that the indian police right now have no idea to identify these men behind the blasts. In one of my previous posts, i have published about what could be done to reduce the number of terrorist attacks. The terrorist might have to make have to go for suicide attacks if india had extreme disciple in parking and other road issues. They aren't the only terrorist!! There are a few other religious extremists. For example from the orissa kandhamal violence and mangalore church attacks we can see that antisocial elements(can be named as terrorists) are also from religions such as Christians and Hindus.

If i get to ask them a question, i will ask them whether they have read their religious books and finished it fully at least once. The obvious answer is that they wouldnt have finished it. That can make us say that these anti-social elements cannot be called as hindu or christian rebels or violent mob but just as antisocial element because they dont have any required qualification to be called a hindu or Christian person.(woa who reads Holy Books Nowadays!!! We dont find time even to watch movies!!!)

But thats not the case with the Islamic terrorist. They say its the will of the God(thats what they say). They also say that the allow during judgements takes a balance and measures ur good deeds and bad deeds. If your good deeds outweighs bad deeds then you will goto heaven. My question is : why cant they try to serve the poor people?(you can find they need food shelter instead of killing people?

Let me come straight to the Point. Killing people isn't about following the will of God. Its just quenching their thirst of hatred towards their enemy. No matter whatever you try to do they wouldnt listen. Recently, I saw this as said by a terrorist: "The newspaper headlines are boring. So lets do something Interesting".

Theres nothing that is being done to remove this hatred from the hearts of the youngsters. infact what is being done is just increasing the hatred in their hearts. right from the games they play, the conversations they have and the programs they watch; All of these just increase the hatred in their hearts.

Lets start to love our beloved country men trying to throw away the hatred from each of them.


Aslam said...

Yeah.. they are all misguided perverted bastards..!

Now u know why i am an atheist..!

They think they will go to heaven for doing this.. if that is the case then, i don't mind burning in hell for the rest of eternity... much better than sharing space with these so called executors of god's will...!

Philip Kingsley said...

What if u had to share Hell with them???
He He..

Thats what they think.. But do u think that god will let them go not judged??? Both in muslim and christian theory, there is a judgement present where God sits on the throne and he judges everyone according to their good and bad.

Bhargavi said...

'Recently, I saw this as said by a terrorist: "The newspaper headlines are boring. So lets do something Interesting".'

You mean to say you saw it in a movie right? Mention it lah.. or people will think that you have links with terrorists :P

'..there is a judgement present where God sits on the throne and he judges everyone..'

So whats the use? I believe in instant punishment.

'..misguided perverted bastards..'

Now I know why your blog was blocked :D

Philip Kingsley said...

i heard it from newschannel or from newspaper after the encounter in jamia nagar

Aslam said...


Rightly said.. Instant punishment.. a bolt of lightening or a flash of flood, or a stampede of water buffaloes should stop the bad guys from succeeding in their attempts..!!


How will i share hell with them..?? then it would be a contradiction, wont it..??

Philip Kingsley said...

@Aslam: Like i said in my latter post, what if they just claim and dont do the exact will of god?

Someone people make false claim.. so if they dont do the will of god, then what they do(killing) is sin. which will put them in hell.