Sunday, December 9, 2007


Everybody blame the US president that he shouldnt have attacked Iraq. Well they are past. What people say currently is that america to pull out its troops!!! They dont really care what would happen what would happen to that war-torned country if the troops are pulled out before the country learn to protect itself.

There are other questions... Arent there other countries in such situation and why should this be a reason in this country alone???
i always believe Americans are Humans and have some humanism in them. if the allies have to take its troops then there Could be another genocide waiting to happen.


BlackEyes said...

Dude its so obvious., "M-O-N-E-Y".., who would`nt wanna gain wealth. and Iraq of course is rich for its oil resources.,America wanted to take over it somehow and there has been a plot right from Bush Sr.., Ppl also say that 9/11 is one among them!!! Basically the intention is clear - RESOURCE !!!
Damn them !!

Aslam Kamal said...

Definitely for the OIL.
Bush is a person with Imperialistic intentions.
Why else would he stay on when more peaceful solutions could have been put into place. Like the UN taking over, and placing Islamic Peace Keepers. Peace Keepers more closely linked to the culture and traditions of Iraq. But then "poor" Mr. Bush wont get his hand dirty with all that oil. Now his hands are dirty with blood.