Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Food and people

Food is important for all living things to survive. The food for humans vary from place to place. Many of us like to eat food only for the taste and to fill our hunger. Too much of anything is good for nothing. Thats the same with food also. It can kill at one point of time if we take more of the wrong kind esp those who have diabetes.

I previously had a foolish question. Why aren't we allowed to eat all types of food when we are sick(fever). I got the answer from the doctor that other food which isn't prescribed do not get digested during fever. Esp, milk food don't get digested that easily.

The way people eat their food varies from different places. There are different styles of eating. Some decent people eat food with their mouth closed(opening only to put food in mouth). Some will eat food and often chat with their friends or family. They might eat or chew food with half open mouth. Will still some others will gulp the food and chew everything without evening looking what it is. They even chew chilies and scream for water. Hey see what you eat. Separate chilly and other (only) spicy stuff before you eat.

And another important food habit change among different people is the style they use to eat food. For example, some people eat idly making it piece. Where as some people eat idly in the way they eat rice.

The way we have to eat food, varies from place to place. In china, when you to a guest's house, you have to leave some food on the plate. This will make them feel that you have filled your stomach. In england, you have to finish the plate. They will think that you enjoyed the food...

In olden days there was a popular belief that if you chew your food then you will live longer. There is no problem with such belief unless you have a hotel. The hotels began to get full soon and people didn't vacate the table early because they were chewing their food.

So when we eat food outside next time, lets see the surroundings and try to learn how to eat in the two minutes we get. Learning, is a eternal process.


Visu said...

Here, let me summarize it for you.

There are two classes of people in the world, those who eat food, those who eat TEC canteen stuff.

Anonymous said...

Irrespective of the food you eat I think it requires a lot of intake of water to make it get digested.So My Advice is drink a lot of water-This was told to me by the doctor when I had severe fever

Saran said...

hey where and all u noticed others eating habit to mak this kinda post???!!! :D

Aslam said...

Well... food should be more of quality rather than quantity.

Eat less, but eat the best..!

Philip Kingsley said...

I like that Quote of Yours!!!

Whenever i goto tours!!!