Sunday, October 26, 2008


India ranks in the top for corruption.

Thats what everyone is saying. Yeah that is true. But have you thought who makes india in the top rank? Someone said: "well, personally i think its the politicians who are corrupt"

I don't make any comments on it. Many politicians are corrupt. But they aren't the only ones who are corrupt. The people are also corrupt. Corrupt in the sense that they give or accept bribe; take for granted others or public property for granted and moreover all are very much money minded persons. The issue that brought economic collapse in united state can also happen in india. Even we are moving toward economic collapse. The general mindset of a person is that, "all are like that: so why should i alone change?"
The movies which should be fighting corruption are rather making fun with corruption giving a general mindset among the public that being corrupt doesn't matter.
It all requires one daring party to take all action against corruption but it requires the entire country's support to fight it. Its not that easy. Because wherever they go they will face corruption. Right from common man to police who should fight corruption.
Tackling corruption is the hardest action a government can take. Some party will tend to quit the coalition and thereby dethrone the government.So a government have to plan each and every minute action and work accordingly.
The only way we can reduce corruption is for all citizens to take decision to change themselves first and then fight it.

I do believe its hard not to involve in corruption. For example, when we get passport, we might give money to the police for police verification or when we are caught for road rules violation like not wearing helmet, we always try to look for alternate solution. There are many such issues where we will try desperately for alternate solution.
Fighting corruption is not a single man's work. Its a team work. Just because you are good and not corrupt, doesn't mean you can go win the fight against corruption. There are times when people make you corrupt or conspire against you and try to prove that you are corrupt and at times they do succeed. Some others make lame threats. The corrupt will try desperately for alternate solutions and make sure that they are not offended. It always require the daring people to fight corruption.


Anonymous said...

I would say that People are innocent they want their needs to be fulfilled they have no other go so they are forced to bribe..And the Politicians are utter fraud and Corrupt and I think there should be a Separate Commission and a CB-CID Officer for each and every Politician..Setting up a team to fight against these people is a very good Idea...But the team work Obviously will not succeed because one amongst team would be Bribed :)

Aslam said...

There is a difference between people having power being corrupt, and powerless people being corrupt...! Those in power can choose to be honest, but most choose the other way. Those without power, are forced to be corrupt because most of the time they see no other way...

I agree that only when we all stay united we can fight corruption, but its very difficult. The only way to fight is to expose the corrupt in front of everyone, and ensure that they are duly punished... ( ah well, theoretically at least that sounds possible )

Philip Kingsley said...

i agree with you. who is honest? and who wants to be honest? not me!!!

seshadri said...

Yeah I would say that only if we are United we can fight against this contractable thing...But I recknon that this is going to be a Never ending issue