Thursday, October 16, 2008

supporting the tamils?

With the day to day progress of Srilanka's Army over the LTTE, Tamil Nadu government is taking steps to stop the aggression of the Sri Lankan Army. Recently, the Tamil nadu government led by DMK declared that there will be 10 MPs quitting from the party. And this comments was accepted by our own( TEC) Thangabalu of the congress.

Its the same LTTE that commited the brutal murder of the Rajiv Gandhi in Chennai. Its in the same ground that they say that india should intervene in the kiullings of Tamilians.

Are tamilians really killed? i cant say that tamilians are not getting killed right about 400 miles from the conflict zone. But as per the news we receive there isnt any intentional killings and the srilankans reduced their aggressiveness so that Tamils living in the conflict zone can get to Safety.

India is having a hard time fighting the current economic crisis and also the terrorist, but not the tamil Nadu goverment is threatening the center of toppling if the center doesnt intervene. If this continues then india will only have enemies at all sides and no friendly neighbours.

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Aslam said...

Dumb humans... they device some of the most stupid reasons to fight...

Sri lanka is such a small and beautiful country, almost a paradise.. but all the fighting has made it hell...

anyway.. i support neither of them cos i dont know which group right..
but one thing.. i hope they dont destroy the paradise in their conflict...

all this debate in our country is totally for the sake of political gains only...!

P.S Rajiv Gandhi was assassinated and not murdered..! There is a difference. :P