Thursday, October 30, 2008

The recent meeting i attended - the best day.

In mid august, i attended a meeting or camp which was conducted by the Dr. Paul Dinakaran. The camp was very good. The camp accomodated more than 2000 persons. I am just gonna tell about how the organisation and the structure of such a camp. The camp tent was semicylinder and was made of cloth with metal bars to support it and had about four entrances. The tent did have air conditioning systems to cool the air inside. We sat a little front on the first day. And they switched on the lights near us i little late.
At first we heard a little sound. And then we saw few sparks from the florescent lamp. We were so close to it, that if there was a fire, then we would have been the first victim. The crowd inside was more than 1000 and everything was flameable in the tent. We informed about that short circuit and oops the preacher stopped the meeting and decided to end it. I was a bit shocked with that but later understood it is better to stop the meeting rather than to have a stampede. They did provide lunch on all days and there wasn't any delay in service or lack of food stuff. There wasn't any other incident. And one of the most interesting aspect i like to tell is that we had a cloudy sky for the three days and not much sun. If there had been a slight rain then meeting will be in a position of being stopped. But right about a hour after the we set out from the camp, it started to soup heavily and we reached home wet. God had stopped the rain.

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