Tuesday, January 1, 2008

Fire Accidents

We must have seen the fire accidents only in movies. May be a few would have experienced a fire accident or seen it. But with the minimal experience we have, one can say the danger it poses. Many times the cause of every fire accident is very minor that if proper precaution taken would have averted it. The cause could be anything from a cigarette butt to a lightning starting the wildfire

Few fire does not require the attention of the firefighters. But some really dangerous fires really need fire fighters. And these firefighters wear fireproof materials to make them go through fires and guard them from heat. Each and every fire has different effects. we cant use water all the time.

i like to share one of my encounters with fire.

A few Years back...

Near our house there was a unbuilt land inside a compound wall... This land contained Dry grass of 1 meter high. One Day a fire broke out in it... at first we thought it to be set by the watch man. But later we realized it wasnt set by anybody but in fact was automatically started. later the fire become more intense that we decided to put it out... My Neighbour at the back started to pour water at the fire, bucket after bucket but it was of no use. Then they called us and we started pouring water using the water hose. And finally the fire was put out. All happened within a time span of 15 mins. Almost the whole ground turned into ashes. It would have burnt all the snakes if any.. But after the next rain we still can find such hugh 1 meter grass. Now a building has come in that ground


Visu said...

scene da dei... Congrats.

addlin said...

hmmm ,, good job philip..