Sunday, January 27, 2008

Call Of Duty

Everybody knows about this Game.. Some might have even played it. Its a first person shooter game mostly in the theme of world war II.
there are actually four titles published in this game the first three of them is based on world war II. The third title wasn't available for PC. The fourth title was about a Nuclear bomb..

The game play is different from other games in this category.. In other first person shooter u r often hard to kill and u will have more than one life... Well in this game that applies for the enemies and allies also..
if u are going to stay at a single location and keep killing then u'll never finish it... Because whenever an enemy is killed the enemy will again come from his savepoint. In this game if u r hit badly then u have to get to a place where u r not hit and u'll recover in 5 seconds.. The same is the case for enemy soldiers...u can throw back the grenade thrown at u... So this game has a fair play for all... and it has realism to a greater extent

The graphics in this game is good... But this game often requires higher hardware requirements.

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Visu said...

Yeah its a nice game. Brilliant game play.. I have played it on a couple of occasions. However, this damn game won`t run in my sys da.. :(
Engineers must find a solution to this problem.