Monday, June 30, 2008

Issues I encountered before installing the graphics CARD

On 29/6/2008 i got 2Gb ram(single slot) and a EVGA e-geforce 8600GTS 512MB GDDR3 Ram. I installed these items and started My computer as usual. ie. I disabled my GPU because of the inadequate power supply from SMPS. The system boot was fine. Then i went to my BIOS and applied Optimal Settings.

This is where the trouble Began!!!

I then checked for the settings whether they are correct before rebooting
I found that my ram speed was detected as 667 MHz rather than 533MHz
I changed the setting of Speed of FAN to auto check on next reboot. And i restarted

ANd then of course my system didn't start.

i tried twice and my system didnt boot..
In my Motherboard, I have to change the jumper setting to reset the BIOS configuration(965RY Version 1718)

I did that and then i Booted. No use!!!

OOPS that's the only solution for my Motherboard!!!
i tried again... no use..
and then i removed the newly inserted Memory and the GPU and prayed a small prayer as that was the only other option available. And upon restarting My system booted properly. Whether its because of the prayer or GPU or changing the setting of fan speed detection, i never knew!!! Anyway all credit goes to GOD!!!

Next day i bought a new SMPS for RS 3300. (too costly though) as that was the only option i could choose as i could replace it if it isnt working. My GPU requires a minimum of 400Watt power supply and 26 Amps along the +12V rail. the Vendor told me that its impossible to replace if there is any scratch and off course if it gets burnt!!!

My SMPS has support for SLI technology ie TWO GPUs can be connected using this SMPS.
AS usual i disassembled studying where each pin goes and assembled my new SMPS with the inbuilt 6 Pin PCI Ex power Supply.

First i setup the SMPS upside Down. So i had to take the SMPS back. while doing this a small scratch was made on the sides. then i set it properly. As my SMPS is Black the scratch can be easily seen!!.

Then i started my system with my GPU connected to the 6pin GPU power cable. And My system didn't respond!! Tried again, and it was of no use...

I had only one more solution. With the GPU pack i was given a complimentory power adapter which uses power cable of IDE as input and the 6 PIN GPU power plug as the output. My SMPS has 3 IDE connected on the same and another one connected along the SATA.

I used that power adapter. Using two IDE powercable connected along the same stretch As shown in the diagram

Upon restarting my system booted properly


Now My system works in the 6-pin. GPU power Cable..


lotto 649 numbers said...
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Aslam said...

Great deductive work...!! But seriously i feel u over spent on the whole thing... The graphics card from US nd the expensive SMPS...!! u cud have got a G-Card in India itself and overall it would have costed less i think...!

Philip Kingsley said...

Yeah its too expensive and i didnt buy GPU and to buy a SMPS i didnt get any proper info even from internet. So thats how It stands... 26 Amps from +12V doesnt really matter for buying a SMPS...