Thursday, August 7, 2008

Beijing With 57???

Whenever it comes to Olympics, its always about the pride of the country. And its always about the country who stands in the top few ranks in the medal list. But, in India, the aim is not to get into the top few ranks but to get a rank. . "India Hailing with a population of 1 billion could hardly win a medal and still showcasing its victory" was the comment received from a finland on Karnam Malleswari's bronze Medal. we hold second place for population and still we scramble hard to enter into medals tally in Olympics.

Lack of Talents?
We cant say that we dont have talents!! we have talented sports persons in all fields. analyzing from the lowest level, most of the schools have their own sports team. People have Interest if there are facilities.

Yeah. Thats one of the Reasons. As all are directly interested in money, the cost required to establish the facilities to train a person into a professional quality player are often high. At times many institutions dont want to spend more money on these issues. Nowadays we can find a lot of institutions that provide facilities for u to play using their infrastructure for some money periodically. And those who really strive to get to top dont get the necessary Sponsors. Whereas A lot of sponsors go for a single sport. We can see a lot of cricketers for Ads whereas we can hardly see a footballer performing a Ad.

We can hardly intrusion into many sport fields and if we have to search for a coach for these sports then we have to go to foreign countries. Which incurs higher cost involved just for training. Training also requires modernized technologies to analyze the strategies.

The other few issues i like to put forth are the lack of interest, information, motivation seen among the public. In India, everything is guided by parents who often fail to identify or dont want their child to go towards sports. And with the lack of motivation or facilities when they go to higher education forces them to stop.

I like to tell a story here. There were three pits. in the first Pit there were british and their pit was closed so that they could not escape. And in the next pit was Japanese(or whomever u can say) and their pit was also closed. And the third Pit contained Indians and their pit wasn't closed. They were very sure that if someone tried to escape the others indians below him will pull him down. Isnt it true?

To summarize, i like to point out that sports industry hasnt developed in India because of Lack of infrastructures, experienced training/trainer, guidance, motivation, Irregular sponsors,etc If we could provide all the above basic issues then we can see India performing extremely well in sports.

Recently i got the news That Anil Ambani is planning to buy Newcastle United. Lets Hope that he succeeds and bring indians to that level of the Game!!! hope we find such a person for all sports. I saw in a recent article that India will win 6 Medals in this olympics.Lets Hope for the best and wish all the particpants in the upcoming olympics our Best Wishes


Bhargavi said...

well said philip! what we lack are proper training, motivation, infrastructure n guidance..
another big reason is the hype created by the media about cricket.. even the motivational 'chak de' song is being used only for cricket..(though its for the hockey players in the movie)
hope this changes in the years to come..
best wishes to all the Indians participating in olympics!!!

Aslam said...

Very true...

1 billion population not put into good use at all...!!its because there is no intent to encourage sports and sportsperson in the country...!

We can only hope and pray for the best...!
Chake de India..!!