Sunday, August 31, 2008

In Fond Memory Of Her... Miss Olive

On 31st august 2008, I went to attend a Walk-in for the company EA mobile in Meenakshi Sunderarajan engineering college. And then I remembered a person....

Years Back, I was put in the Zion Matriculation Higher Secondary School to continue my studies. I was doing sixth. My first brother was doing twelfth and second brother was doing tenth. Bro. Stanley used to tell me that Olive Ma'am teaches well and she never gets angry. She took computer science. My brother used to tell me that her qualification was Physics. She always takes classes lively. Our class was in the shed. And one day, Miss olive came with her students to take class in the shed. That was the first time I saw her. Soon afterward, our class was shifted to second floor. Our computer science teacher was Miss Andal. After the first Midterm she left the school and she came to take the class for us. I was so happy about her being in my class. the one lesson I could remember was that she was teaching search and Replace in the then new version of the OS windows 95. In the unit test that followed she told that if anyone got 20 marks, then she'll give to them I’ll give an Eclairs chocolate. Well all I could remember was that I got 2 1/2 marks out of 20. One of the questions was "What is icon?”. I never knew the answer. All i could remember was the word "graphical thing". But I had fever soon afterward. So couldn’t go to get the exam Note. After quarterly exams, My brother told her that I was studying in her class. And when she came to the class I told her that I am Kingsley. And She started making fun of me. And soon afterward, our class was removed from her schedule.

And in seventh she took the class for me the whole year. During that year we were taught about the history of the computers and the introduction to the BASIC programming language. our school was very strict in many aspects. We have to get corrected in our class works regularly. Even though being a pet I didn’t get corrected regularly. I submitted the note lastly i.e. during the final unit test. And she wrote MEET ME. But I never met her because i hadnt seen my notebook. In seventh I had a classmate by name Mohammed Khaja. One day during exam, he was named as Khaja thoka poli (may be he asked a few doubt or tried to copy in the exam). Thoka poli comes in Tamil grammar. She always takes class with utmost interest. She always treats everyone equally. No separation between good students and weak students. she often cracks jokes. But always keeps the class lively. I haven’t seen anyone as cool as her. She has got angry at times but one can’t find anybody so patient like her. she once said about me that the only think that’s not there in me is two horns to my brother’s classmate by name Anita. And she scolded me asking why u can’t behave decently in class.

I didn’t get to study in her class for the next three years. But in eight and ninth, I attended the prayer cell that took place in our school. I started attending it when our vice principal Miss Grace Alwyn, who left the school to work in Bahrain gave her wonderful testimony of how she was brought from death-bed in cancer. I started attending it continuously. I can see that the prayer cell which was in the size of the class room (abt 40-60) was reduced to say 5 persons at the end of the year. She was a part of this cell. She used to tell stories. The worship was conducted by 11th standard student. a few months later he left the school. The congregation was again reduced but was better maintained. In tenth we had a sir by name Rajan Sir for computer science.

In eleventh, we had here as our class teacher. She told us later that they did all the work to make sure that me and Manish are in the same class and under her. But unfortunately, she was given another class, but she continued to take Computer class. I studied the basics of C at the end of the ninth standard. The course for us was C, Html. She told that she will be taking C class. and I responded by saying that I will disturb the class, right in the class. I couldn’t forget the way she responded to that arrogant attitude of mine. She told a friend of mine to tell me about what I said was wrong. I think the guy was Daniel Stephen or J. Karthick (off course another karthick was there in my class). I felt for what I said. But when I speak the words just comes out... I had also spoken badly about her...

one day she conducted the model practical exam. As usual I got my output earlier. And I was trying to help my friend R S Arun (TEC ECE A). She caught me and scolded me saying that if I keep teaching him then he will never learn. And she also asked us to submit our records. But I hadn’t finished the records. So I was made to stand out for a few mins. But it will always be shameful to be punished by such a good teacher. And That was the last I could remember of her in my school days.

I could remember that she said the camp was very superb after she attended the camp conducted By VishwaVani. In twelfth, I couldn’t get the privilege to be a student in her class Though she took a few classes during summer. During may 5, I could remember that the class was taken by Rajan Sir, and I thought that one day way in the future I would think about today attending a class with Rajan sir perhaps after I finish my twelfth. During the farewell, I could remember her saying to me and Manish.... Hey Philip, Come let’s take a snap. We have been together for a long time And we took a snap. I hardly have one or two snaps of her.

During the first year of my college life, I went to school once. And I got her email ID. Frankly didn’t have the slightest idea to get that when I was in school. She told me that she had a friend or a brother to whom she used to send email and he lived in Hyderabad. And she told me that she was praying for him. And I went another day to my school. And when I went there it was the Sports day. And I saw and spoke with her. I don’t know what I spoke with her. But that’s the last time I saw her. I had created the Yahoo group OneFamilyInChrist. I had invited her to that group. But before she could join...

On late June 2005, I got the information that she was in a serious condition in hospital because of poisoning due to improper application of bandage on her thigh. Soon she went into coma. She never recovered. On July 2, 2005 she left this world to live with God. My brother he came to Chennai on July 3 from Bihar, to attend the recruitment drive in Infosys. It was meenakshi Sundararajan Engineering college. They conducted the funeral service of our beloved Ma'am. I could not stop singing the song "Glorify thy Name in all the earth". I couldn’t console one of her relatives who came to us crying saying that Miss Olive liked us very much. she used to talk about us.

And when we were about to leave, this is what was given as the testimony of her by Ma'am Sindhu who took French in my eleventh. In bible there are a few verse written in I Corinthians 13:4-7.

4 Love suffers long and is kind; love does not envy; love does not parade itself, is not puffed up;
5 does not behave rudely, does not seek its own, is not provoked, thinks no evil;
6 does not rejoice in iniquity, but rejoices in the truth;
7 bears all things, believes all things, hopes all things, endures all things.

All these verse talk about love. She fulfilled all those words. She had such true love. U can’t find one person who had such love with them But she had it.

The person who spoke about her told that she used to pray for all the students in her class. And whenever anyone comes to her in help she just keeps in mind and prays for them.

And when we were leaving the funeral service in church they sang this song
"Azhlagai nirkum Yaar Evargal". I couldn’t get the chance to see Her body. We had to go and see the results for My brother. We came to Kodambakkam. and we walked for about 10 minutes and we reached Meenakshi Sundararajan Engineering college. They had put the results in two spots. One was on a board near the gate(building) and the other was on a board inclined to the tree. We saw the results. But My brother hadn’t got selected.

And On 31st August 2008, when I went to attend the Electronic Arts Mobile Walk-in, I could remember the tree where they posted the results. As soon as I entered the campus I remembered the place.

One thing that Haunts my mind is that
"All People testified about her positively at her death: How many would testify for me?"

Yours Friend In Christ
Philip Kingsley
Placed in Infosys


Visu said...

Let her soul rest in peace, i pray thee.
Wish i had such a mentor, What to do, our teachers were always kinda freaking upon us and we do the same.

Philip Kingsley said...

hey great da... at the last minute of last month u posted the comment :D

Aslam said...

You have been a very bad boy in school..!! I am surprised...!!!

Bhargavi said...

Let her soul rest in peace..

'..she wrote MEET ME. But I never met her because i hadnt seen my notebook..'
The same thing happened to me.. but the diff is that i saw it.. but still din't meet :D

Aslam said...


You knew Miss Olive too..?? How come..?? Same school is it...??

Bhargavi said...

not the same school.. not the same teacher..
it happened to me in diff school.. diff teacher.. :D

Stephen J Daniel said...
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Stephen J Daniel said...

It would bring sad memories... even tears... when i hear about her...
Now its Different...

She is with us... In Our Memories...