Sunday, August 10, 2008

Moments in Cricket

As far as my memory could go I started watching cricket when I was in LKG. Though I don’t know what’s what, but I do watch. I Like to say a few interesting Moments in the cricket that I loved watching. But all 20-20 matches were interesting...

In 1999, I could remember a match between India and South Africa. In which South Africa started to loose wickets very early. They had lost 6 wickets while taking less than 50 runs. The only player in the crease was Hansie Cronje. I could remember that there were guests in the home and we High hopes that India Will easily win (during those times I supported India). And Hansie Cronje started to play extremely well and scored good runs and took the score above 200. I could remember that on one six Hansie hit, the ball had hit a cameraman in the stadium. And hansie burst in laughter after hitting that shot. And the final result was India lost the runs by some 10 runs or so coz they had lost all the wickets. That was a good match. On the awarding ceremony, the commentator told Hansie that the cameraman wanted Hansie's shirt for injuring him.

Well the next match I would like to talk about is the first match between Zimbabwe and India on March 2002. I could remember that I had 10th practical exams during that time, and was watching the match from my aunt's shop for about an hour. Agarkar came at the last five overs and played extremely well and scored some 40 runs from merely 20 balls which resulted in a score of 272. Zimbabwe lost an early wicket. But by good performances from Andy Flower (71) and Alistair Campbell (84) they brought Zimbabwe closer to target. But as soon as they departed they started loosing quick wickets and got into a score like 210/8. After they lost the 8th wicket, Douglas Marillier came to the crease to bat. The Zimbabweans had to score more than 70 runs in just 6 odd overs. That’s when I reached my aunt's House to watch the match. Slowly he started to play some cool scoop shots to which Indian bowlers didn’t know how to bowl. He played so well by bringing the target from 60 of 30 balls to 10 runs required from the last over. The last over was bowled by anil kumble. Zimbabwe won the match by one wicket and Marillier had score 50 from just 21 balls to win the man of the match. I couldn’t watch the highlights of this match again.

The third match I would like to tell is about the second test between India and Australia during 2000-2001. I supported Australia in this match... The Australians had scored a 500+ runs and put India to bat. In the first innings they bundled out to less than 250 runs thereby making the Australians to enforce a follow on. But Indians performed extremely well and score a 500+ runs with sewhag making a 281(I think). Finally Indians won the match on the last day as they bowled Australians out... This match was the first match where a team playing on follow-on went on to win a match.

The next wonderful match I like to talk about is Zimbabwe and Bangladesh when we went to IV in Aug 2006. I was able to watch only the Zimbabwe bat in the second session. When they were Bangladesh players played well. And on 38th over the bowler took a hat trick putting the Zimbabweans into pressure. In the final over, Zimbabweans had to score about 17 runs to win the match. But the bowler who bowled the last over gave many runs in the form of wide. And on the penultimate ball, Brendan Taylor hit the ball to mid-on and couldn’t take a run and there was a run out. With just one ball to bowl and 5 runs to score, Brendan Taylor hit a six on the last ball to win the match.

I also loved watching Ireland vs. Pakistan in the world cup. Andre Botha bowled extremely well and Neil O'Brian batted well. Finally the skipper Trent Johnston hit a winning six to take Ireland into super six. The one handed catch taken by Trent Johnston while diving was a spectacular one.


Aslam said...

Yeah.. some matches just stick to the memories...

good that u remember so many...!

Visu said...

I don't know since when I've started watching the game. But yes, i could also remember some historic matches.
Wish i had seen the 1983 WC finals.