Friday, August 8, 2008

Infosys - feb 27

"I will work hard and get into infosys"

I could remember someone wrote the above phrase as a imposition on a piece of paper!!! But fortunately he got into Mphasis. The pronunciation remains very similar. On Papers i have seen a lot of infosys ads for recruitment and used to say, that's not my company.

My brother attempted the first round in infosys when i was doing First year but he couldn't get through. During that time they asked 10 questions which u have to solve using steps. He didn't get through. He got upset. And finally he got into HCL.

Next year, i got news that many of our seniors got placed in infosys. I told my Parents that getting placed in infosys is not a big issue. For that they told me to try clearing your arrears before i talk!!!

When i reached MNM jain college on Feb 27, i could see a lot of decent faces whom i have never seen decent in college... When we sat at the Auditorium, I could remember that everyone was very enthusiastic. I could remember i prepared only the day before the campus. And when the PPT started everyone was Listening attentively. It was a bit boring though. We entered the room for Aptitude and they gave me a sheet to fill all my personal details. I made a mistake and told them what i did. The volunteer in my class tore that sheet and gave me another sheet.

And we started with the Aps. I was expecting the same old 10 questions paper but what came before me was something really new. And off course it was the easiest i have seen. There was two parts. Verbal and nonverbal or whatever u call it. Verbal was a bit tough. But i used logical reasoning in verbal also. they gave questions like complete the sentence and told us to choose the right sentence from the choices. What i did was just to look for a sentence which is in a single tense and chose those.. And when the results came, it was a bit of a surprise. I got through to the second round. The second round was the general interview. I always had the feeling that if u clear the first round, you will easily get placed in infy.

We waited more than an hour for the interview. The questions that i was afraid of answering were "Tell about yourself" and "Tell me your positives and your negatives". And when my turn came, they called me. And i went to the required place and had to wait for the a few minutes. During which i asked my dept mate how she did the interview... i don't remember what she said.. And this is house my interview began

Me:Good evening Sir
HR: good evening. Take your seat.

He saw my aptitude test and He took my resume and had a look at it. looked like i scored some 20+ mark in apti and 16+ mark in verbal
HR: Tell about polymorphism!
me: (just thinking)

HR: Wondering why am i asking U about C? See you have put Development and networking in your area of Interest. So now tell me...
Me: I couldnt recollect it right now.

HR: Tell about inheritance
Me: I answered this question.

HR: do you know about homophones?
ME: yes. they spell similar but have different pronounciation

HR:The act of killing another human being is
Me:(thinking deeply. Though of telling murder)

HR: homicide. killing yourself is suicide. Then what is genocide?
Me: I dont know sir.
(genocide means killing a group or race of people)

After a while
HR: Suppose My computer is in a network and i want to connect to internet what should i need?

Me: (i made a facial expression such that i couldnt understand the question.)

the HR took a piece of paper and drew a CPU first
HR: lets say that its my computer:(and he drew a few more to describe the network) And this is the network. (he connected the computers sith another box and draw a line going out of that box with no arrowmarks) SUppose i have only one network connection then how would i use it..
ME: U need a router for this purpose sir.

HR: Do you Involve in sports?
Me: Yeah i play cricket and football but havent been a part of the college Team.

I think he asked me a few more questions and finally
HR: you have any questions?
ME: Sir if we get into infosys, what do u want us to prepare?
HR: We will give you enough training for you. But what we Expect in a individual is your interest to know more and team spirit. (he used some other word similar which i couldn't remember). All we look for in an individual is that.
HR: anything else?
HR: You can go:
ME:Thank You

When i came out of the interview room i had a feeling that my interview was very small and looked like it got finished so soon. We were again out in a room and we had to wait till 8:50 for the results. During this time my friend Who didn't get through made a phone call to me and asked me whats happening!!! i told him what was exactly happening and i told him that another friend is next to me and i gave him the phone. The one next to me said Hello and cut the phone. Thats where the trouble began!!!! the next day was like a HELL!!! And they announced the results at 8:50. That was the time i felt that if i don't get through in this then i have to go through another process which is more tedious than this.. But they called my name almost lastly... But i was sad that 3 of my friends didn't get placed. Two of them still haven't got placed. I saw one of them(my 7th std classmate) attending HCL BPO when i came to get my original certificates...

After one friend of mine asked me my experience and i told her that if she clears Aptitude you will get placed provided u dont make any mistakes in the details u give...


Aslam said...

" was the easiest i have seen...". Dude...! Are u serious..??

The first thought that i had on seeing the paper was... "Huh..??"

I had absolutely no technical questions asked during the HR interview ( yaaaay...!!) i am indeed very happy about that...!! The waiting time afterward was terrible...!! Thanks to some of my friend's mokkai i could pass the agonizing hours...!

i don't remember much actually... maybe it was because of my low blood sugar due to inadequate intake of food.

Visu said...

"Just being there is half the battle won"
-Woody Allen.

I used to tell it to myself in any of my endeavor. Yippee. Anyhow I failed, thats a different issue altogether.

And Oh, 'Easiest' test uh? I see..(In a more embarrassed tone)..
And your personal interview was very "Interesting" to read.

Congratulations by the way.

Bhargavi said...

oh u remember so much?!! All i remember is that i wasn't called for the HR interview for a very long time. They had misplaced my paper :(
n yeah.. the wait! phew.. 'i don need this job.. jus lemme go!' was what i was thinking at that time..
No technical questions to me also.. thats why i got the job! :D

♥Arasi Yazhini ♥ said...

hey u remember so much...the only think that s haunting s let them call us soon...its so damn get placed long back and waiting for so long...huh