Monday, August 11, 2008


Concerts are a spectacular to express their musical talents. I not just the singers or the musicians that make the the concert great but the audiences and all the backstage technicians. Its just like everything else. There must be unity from all of them. With everyone's mind on music, the concerts always provide good music and makes everyone to relax for a few hours from their hefty schedule.

With the increase in talents in India, the performances are improving and so is the number of concerts. At times the presence of choir also improves the quality of the performance as it gives the necessary background voice. The sound Engineering is also improving providing the best acoustic effect possible to the venue. When concerts takes place in huge area, the video displays are often useful and the online video editing to display on screen is also improving. The most attractive part of the concert apart from the Music are the decorative on-stage lighting.

Hope these concerts will improve and provide us more pleasure and also lets provide our young talents a good future. Lets all wish there could be something Music Olympics in India.

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Bhargavi said...

The decorative on-stage lighting is too distractive at time.. we are going there to enjoy the music.. so the lightings can be used with care.
music olympics.. yeah!! hope something like that takes place in the near future!