Saturday, November 29, 2008

Black Tornado

It all started late in 26th of November 2008. We had heavy rainfall in our area and it was flooding all over Tamil Nadu. We had power supply for about 6-8 hours. And we could recall the floods that ravaged this part in 2005. That is what happened in Tamil Nadu. In Mumbai, the situation was entirely different. Few terrorists came through a boat to the gateway of India and split themselves into groups. One group entered Taj Mahal Hotel, another group entered Trident Hotel and yet another entered Chatrapathi Shivaji terminus formerly called as Victoria Terminus. The terrorist then went on to seige at Narman Point later killing the jewish rabbi.

The police as usual couldnot stop the terrorist with lathis, pistols and rifles. How could they? The Chief of the ATS squad was killed. And the siege went on for two more days. The NSG commandos arrived early on the next morning and they took control of all the operations. The NSG started to clear the Hotel room by room. But unfortunately they had been verywell prepared for This long term sige. they had dried fruits and knew the layout of the hotel very well. After about 50 hours all the terrorists were eliminated with a high casualty.

The NSG commandos did a very good job and they are worthy of the jublation poured upon by the onlookers. When someone is watching you performing, its more probable that you might make mistakes. its more probable to commit mistake when the whole India is watching you do something. The same goes for NSG commandoes. The nation remembers their brave efforts and their sacrifice.

I like to point a few small issues that could be deadly. With Delhi jamia Encounter Inspector M C Sharma was killed just because of the fact that they didnt wear bullet Proof jackets(kevlar Vests). Its the normal practise that many soldiers are ready to give their lives for their single general or other top official(courtesy saving private ryan). Yet here we see the top officials dare to enter the Hotzone without much protection for themselves. Its a big loss for our country and for the police dept. We cant loose brave and good people like that.
The NSG commandos could have better organised the raid. Its very hard for them to even cordon as the terrorist kept moving from place to place. I could remember a scenario in band of brothers where the Commanders command their men to learn the map. Knowing the layout of the Hotel could make the NSG to literally roundup the terrorist.

Many people have indicated that we do not have enough laws to prevent terrorist strike. No matter how many laws we have, these terrorists are going to break all of them. No matter how much laws we have, the mumbai terror attacks could not be prevented without arming better training the police.

I will term Black Tornado as a successful mission and all the defense forces involving in eliminating the threat did a very good job.


Aslam said...

Absolutely.. our policemen are ill-trained and ill-equipped to handle such high risk operations. We need more commandos like the NSG in every city to counter such threats. First and foremost our intelligence gathering and implementation of it should be improved...! We shud try to be a step ahead of terrorists at all times...!!

and don't watch so many movies...!!! If you want to cite an example from a movie, why not Captain Vijaykanth..? He can stand at Koyambedu market and shoot a terrorist hiding in Kashmir...! Da Man..!!

Philip Kingsley said...

I like the bullet reflecting part more :D