Monday, November 24, 2008

Is it Safe?

Whenever we come across a situation or object, we might ask the question "Is it safe?". And We live in this earth. And as per the scientists it is believed that human beings are living in the same earth since the beginning. But is our earth safe? We might look around and we can say that there might be no danger around. But the fact is that we are surrounded by dangers in all sides. Let us look at an atom for example. Of the 108(or 110) elements many are harmful to us and it can even kill us. If an atom breaks, the energy released is extremely harmful to man. Yet we survive everyday and we have never witnessed such natural destruction in our life.

Lets see what are the other dangers that surround us. Look at all the surroundings... we have 3 forms of matter. Solid, liquid , gas. We live on land. well some might say that there are few who live on snow. That isnt a big issue. It is believed that only 3% of the land in earth is inhabitable. The rest are rainforests, ice caps or deserts.

I recently saw the most ecofriendly house to be built for a cost of 14000 pounds. Speaking of which i can remember a story from Bible about the difference between the house built on the rock and sand. The house was built in 3 huge containers with almost everything we require in our life. The real distressing fact about that house was that it didnot have a foundation making it easier to fall prey for any kind of natural disasters. I would prefer to live in a high tech car or van instead of such a house.

Though the land is safe for habitation, its not entirely safe. The land itself are dangerous to man. When the faults in the rock weakens resulting in earthquakes and landslides which are dangerous to man. The same thing is true for Water. we cant survive without water. I was once asked this riddle in my school days.
You swallow it and live. If it swallows you, then you die
The answer is water. Though we cant survive without water, water is still dangerous to humans. Eg Tsunami, floods etc. So is air. We cant live without air for more than 20 minutes but tornadoes, cyclones, hurricanes are dangerous. All these events might happen by chance but it doesn't happen everyday. we really dont know when they will occur. We can just identify the level of disaster only after it occurs.

We might say that the energy we get might be safe. But there are equal dangers in that to. I will discuss about electromagnetic energy and sound as they are most commonly used energy. Powerful radio waves can produce harmful effects in human. Microwaves can cause unusual perceptions and prolonged exposure could be dangerous. The light is dangerous to Man(LASER). The infrared radiations dehydrate the body and eventually is dangerous. The ultraviolet radiations can be utilized by the skin to produce vitamin D. But prolonged exposure or harmful UV rays can cause cancer. The xrays- gamma rays are extremely dangerous and there are just a few uses.

We use sound to communicate to our friends. But nowadays we are becoming silent. We use IM, sms and many other forms of silent communication methods. But sound is also equally dangerous to Humans. The infrasonic sounds can cause a feeling of anguish, fear nausea,etc and high decibel sound produced in a certain frequency in IF can kill the humans. The animal organs are designed to resonate at such a low frequency that high decibel sounds of such lower frequency isn't emitted by any natural phenomenon. It is literally impossible to say that this phenomenon could happen by chance.

The animals that lives with us and around us are afraid of humans yet they could be dangerous. Certain plants could also be dangerous. We eat food to live. Even the food itself can become harmful to man.

Its literally impossible to say that we came into this world by chance when we live surrounded by dangers all around us and literally ignore them all the days of our life. I personally see its impossible to ignore god when i look at His creations. Let Glory be to god Who loves us even though we might be sinners and is longing for us to return to him.


Aslam said...

Well... actually the biggest danger to man in MAN himself...! And man is dangerous to other creatures as well - Plants as well as animals...! So one can 'safely' say that MAN is the most dangerous thing around...! Why on earth would someone design this weapon of mass destruction called MAN..?? So my view is that world would be a lot safer and beautiful without pathetic evil humans...!!

I would rather die in a earthquake, flood, tsunami, cyclone instead of dying in a terrorist bombing.. amen..!

Philip Kingsley said...

i missed it... well god gave man free will. And god wanted Man to serve him with his free will.

I offcourse agree to the point of Man being a dangerous being.

hesslei said...

We can all make changes that will positively impact our lives and our environment. Start with the simplest of things. Make a difference in your home change your light bulbs to compact florescent, turn down the temperature on your hot heater, wrap it in a thermal blanket and use less hot water, recycle or compost everything, producing less solid waste.


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Philip Kingsley said...

thats a good opinion. But there is nothing we can do to prevent earthquake, tsunami or volcano eruptions.

Aslam said...

Earthquake, tsunami and volcanoes are just God's way of doing some pest control...!

( here PEST refers to Humans )

Philip Kingsley said...

:) In Bible God said to Noah(man who survived the flood) "Be fruitful and multiply and fill the earth". Meaning God is not bothered about the population. Its our sin that brings destruction upon us.