Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Nisha's outburst

Its quite funny for the Tamil weather persons to name the cyclones just like the Americans do. These cyclones have been a continuous nuisance to our state. But still we have to depend on the rains for our growth. My friend has covered a lot of issues relating to the floods and the damage Nisha caused. I just want to add a few steps that can be taken to prevent the damage in the future.

First a survey of area which are susceptible to flood has to be identified. This is one of the most tedious job. And also try to find the population density in these regions. The above specified process can take a lot of time. So the government might not find it that important. This process could be taken by Media or other private organisations.

Then the government should analyze the survey and mark areas that are frequented by floods as say RED ZONE. The people residing in these areas should be vacated and given safe places which are in the GREEN zone(no floods). The farmers should be advised of the crops they have to grow in the rainy season and make sure not much loss is incurred to the farmers. Its better not to cultivate in the area which is near the rivers.

Information of possible flood should be conveyed before in the RED ZONE so that people have time to take precautionary actions. There is nothing to prevent the falling of trees on the road. To prevent that would require a tedious task.

The careful planning and action of the government could reduce the damages caused by these floods in the future. Hope we have safe place to live in.


Aslam said...

well, the naming certainly helps to communicate better. or else how will we address this particular cyclone..? "The cyclone that came on that 28/11" or "The cyclone that killed 'n' number of people". Certainly awkward, right..?

One thing though is certain - they are always given woman's name. Which is quite obvious since "Hell Hath No Fury Like A Woman Scorned"..!

Philip Kingsley said...

Agrees with aslam... :p

"Hell Hath No Fury Like A Woman Scorned"..! Thats true either