Thursday, November 6, 2008

Encounters With Dogs!!!

Dogs are the best pet which never bites(ahem) anyone! At least i never got one. Its really interesting to find posters like "Beware Of Dog" but not anything like "Beware of Cats" or rats or squrriels etc.. Well i am gonna say my personal experience with dogs.

The first time i got scared of a dog was when i was in first standard. My dad told me not to look afraid or run. only then the dogs will chase. We used to play with the dogs in my uncle's house. They had two dogs. So i lost the fear of dogs.

But there are a few incidents i encountered. I used to goto take 2 buses to goto school everyday. And at times its more important to run to board a bus. And there are quite a few street dogs on the road. And the problem is if a dog see you running then it might chase you. And that happened once. The dogs run faster than us. And it barked at me chasing me. So i had to slow down a bit. The street dogs often barks and do not bite anyone. The pet dogs usually does both.

My uncle came to stay in our house for a month or so and that time we had 3 dogs. And thats when i was almost bitten by the second oldest dog when i tried to lift it with its stomach.

Recently when i went to tuticorin, my uncle there had a dog. If u rub the neck(not too hard or it will start to bite) it will feel very comfortable for a dog. I did that and as soon as i finished it it started to bark at me.

A few weeks back, as i was walking along a road, a dog started barking at me when i was about 50 meters ahead of me. And it was a pet dog which wasnt chained but big enough to scare anyone. I got a bit scared. I couldnt see any one who appear to be the owner of the dog. Whenever i see a dog, I just ignore it. But this time it was different. I cant run and do anything. All i did was just proceed forward as if ignoring the dog.When i walked past the dog, the dog was still barking at me and started to follow me. And thats the time someone started to call the yell "Tommy ignae va". Thank god. I never knew where the dog was until it tounched my fingers. Thats so close.

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